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On April 23, Dr. Abdullah Saadi, the Arab mission to China and the ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to China, and Ms. Jiang Jiahua, chairman of the board of Huatai international media group, visited the production base of Adan home in Guangzhou

On April 23, Dr. Abdullah Saadi, the Arab mission in China and Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to China, and Ms. Jiang Jiahua, chairman of the board of directors of Huatai international media group, visited the production base of Adan home, accompanied by senior colonel Zhang, chairman of Adan home, general manager zhaoruihong and other leaders

Colonel Zhang, chairman of Yadan household, had a cordial conversation with a group of guests

Abdullah? Ambassador Saadi said that in the future, he hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation with Yadan home, and work together to bring high-quality products and the latest environmental protection home concept to Arabia to share with the Arab people

this observation not only promoted the exchange and interaction between the two countries in the field of home furnishing, provided an opportunity for future cooperation between the two sides, but also highlighted the leading position of China's home furnishing enterprises in the world

4.0 intelligent production workshop, realize home customization with intelligent manufacturing

in the furniture production workshop, the chairman of Yadan home, Colonel Zhang, explained to the ambassador Yadan home's one-stop production base and 4.0 intelligent production process. Zhang Dong introduced that the industrial 4.0 collaborative intelligent manufacturing system of the production base enables customized home furnishings to realize personalized, large-scale and flexible production under the "Internet +" mode, which can not only meet the personalized customization needs of consumers, but also greatly improve production efficiency, ensure sufficient supply, accelerate distribution efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and help more than 800 Yadan home furnishing dealers across the country quickly overcome terminals

Ambassador Abdullah Saadi affirmed this. He pointed out that "this is the first time to visit the whole process of furniture production in China, and we have found many places worth learning, such as the environmental protection technology used in the furniture production process, as well as the latest production technology, which are of great reference significance to the manufacturing of Arab household products."

environmental home is Yadan's constant insistence

then, president Zhang led the guests to Yadan home formaldehyde free experience hall. The 2500 square meter large-scale whole house home customization Experience Hall restores the real home scene of the whole house in 1:1. 11 sets of customized products of the whole house have various styles, fashionable styles and numerous attractions. The customization and personalization of furniture, the formaldehyde free concept of home furnishing, and the multi-function of home furnishing products all greatly appreciated by the foreign guests present. President Zhang emphasized, "To create a set of furniture that satisfies consumers, the diversity of product styles and the functionality of user needs are all the key points for home furnishing enterprises to consider. In addition, for Yadan home, there is another core point, which is environmental protection! Adhere to the integration of environmental protection technology into furniture materials, production and other aspects, and let every customer and every family pay attention to the importance of environmental protection home to health. This is Yadan home's vision and Yadan home The mission and attitude of home furnishing. "

Abdullah? Ambassador Saadi visited the Adan home formaldehyde free experience hall

chairman Zhang also said to Abdullah? Ambassador Saadi particularly introduced the aldehyde free ecological Hexiang board of Yadan home. Yadan home's Hexiang board, which uses 100% high-quality straw as raw material, is a new type of ecological and environmental friendly man-made board. Replacing traditional wood with straw, reducing dependence on forest resources, and protecting the earth on which we live are the development direction of the future home furnishing industry. At the same time, using straw as the substrate of the board completely solves the problem of straw incineration and reduces the occurrence of environmental pollution such as haze

Adan home formaldehyde free ecological Hexiang board, up to the highest European E0 level standard

Adan home, a proud national brand

the visit is coming to an end, Abdullah? Ambassador Saadi said that he fully agreed with the environmental protection concept of Yadan home. He pointed out that environmental pollution has become a global problem, and the quality of indoor living environment is even more related to human physical and mental health. More brands and leaders should come forward to plan for our environment and human health and offer suggestions. This is not only China's mission, but also the world should make efforts to this end

Abdullah? Saadi said that the quality of living environment is related to people's physical and mental health. We should prepare for the environment and human health.

in addition, the ambassador expressed his strong interest in Yadan household products and his love for the style of Yadan series products. At the same time, he also hopes to have in-depth cooperation opportunities with Yadan home in the future, bring the good products and designs of Yadan home to his country and even the world, and let more people use environmentally friendly home products

people take a group photo

China, as the world's largest trading country, has a large population base and large-scale enterprises, and all walks of life are developing rapidly. In recent years, many Chinese national brands have gradually appeared on the international stage, giving voice to their own corporate philosophy and China's progress. On the opening day of the Rio Olympic Games last year, Yadan home and a number of national brands landed on the big screen of times square in New York to cheer for Chinese Olympic athletes. Yadan home even displayed the slogan of "thirteen years of Yadan, let the world witness formaldehyde free", calling on everyone to pay attention to home environmental protection

in August 2016, Yadan home landed on the large screen of times square in New York.

it is undeniable that national enterprises still have many problems to be solved in business model or management, but Chinese enterprises are no longer complacent as in the past, but dare to try and make mistakes, seek change and innovation. In this regard, it reflects the great development potential of Chinese enterprises

Yadan home, proud of its national brand identity, is more willing to go abroad with other national well-known brands, cry for national brands, and create value for the healthy home life of every family





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