The reason why girls suffer from incurable disease

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The formaldehyde in the newly decorated house exceeded the standard, and the owner moved into the new house without testing, causing eight year old children to suffer from aplastic anemia. On September 5, the people's Court of Yuzhou City, Henan Province made a judgment on the case of serious disease caused by house decoration. The foreman of the guerrilla decoration team was sentenced to compensate more than 80000 yuan for the medical expenses, disability compensation, spiritual solace, etc. of the sick girl

in 2007, Yuzhou Liu and his wife bought a three bedroom and one living room house. In order to build a warm love nest for huobo's lovely daughter Tiantian (a pseudonym), Liu and his wife planned to beautify and decorate their new house. On November 10, it was introduced that Mr. and Mrs. Liu signed a housing decoration project construction contract with Mr. Zhang, the decoration foreman, and agreed that the decoration would be undertaken in the form of large package (labor and materials). The total cost of the project was 74000 yuan, and the project lasted for 30 days, from November 12, 2007 to December 12, 2007. At the same time, the contract also stipulates that after the completion of the decoration project, the air quality should meet the relevant national standards. If the test is unqualified, Zhang should rework and compensate for the losses. After the contract was signed, Zhang led his decoration workers to start the decoration and hand over the work on time

looking at the beautifully decorated new home, Tian Tian was very excited and urged her parents to move into the new home as soon as possible. On January 4, 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Liu and Tian Tian happily moved to their new house. In April, Tian Tian had nausea, vomiting, fatigue and laziness, and often caught a cold. For a time, the joy of moving into a new house turned into sadness. On April 29th, 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Liu led Tian Tian to be hospitalized in Yuzhou people's Hospital for 8 days, paying 1030.94 yuan in medical expenses. Seeing that Tian Tian's condition did not improve, Mr. and Mrs. Liu hurried to transfer Tian Tian to the hematological Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for hospitalization, paying 4110.02 yuan in medical expenses. Tian Tian was diagnosed as aplastic anemia by Tianjin China hematology research center

the incurable disease of aplastic anemia was like a bolt from the blue, which made Mr. and Mrs. Liu fall into extreme sadness. In order to find out the cause of her daughter's illness, on April 29, 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Liu entrusted Yuzhou aierqiu indoor environmental monitoring and Management Co., Ltd. to test the decorated house. The test results showed that the contents of formaldehyde and benzene in the indoor air exceeded the national standards. On June 8, the room was tested by the National Indoor Environment Testing Center for building engineering, and the test result was that the formaldehyde content in the living room and bedroom exceeded the standard. On September 8, Xuchang Junzhou forensic clinical judicial expertise concluded that there was a direct causal relationship between Tiantian's pancytopenia aplastic anemia and the excessive formaldehyde and benzene content in the air environment in the decorated house, which had constituted a grade IV disability

with the identification conclusion, Mr. and Mrs. Liu came to Mr. Zhang for theory, but Mr. Zhang refused to pay compensation on the grounds that Mr. and Mrs. Liu moved into the house too early and Tian Tian's illness was caused by their own reasons. Helpless, Mr. and Mrs. Liu filed a civil compensation lawsuit as Tian Tian's legal representative

after the trial, the Yuzhou court held that the defendant Zhang signed a house decoration contract with Mr. and Mrs. Liu, agreeing that the indoor air quality of the house after decoration should meet the national standards, but the formaldehyde and benzene of the house after decoration seriously exceeded the standard, resulting in Tiantian suffering from pancytopenia aplastic anemia and constituting grade IV disability. The defendant Zhang should bear the corresponding liability for compensation. As Tian Tian's legal representative, Mr. and Mrs. Liu agreed in the contract with the defendant Mr. Zhang that the air quality should be tested after the completion of the decoration. However, without testing, Mr. and Mrs. Liu led Tian Tian to check in directly, and there was also a certain fault, which should reduce the defendant's liability for compensation. Therefore, according to the law, the defendant Zhang was sentenced to compensate sweet medical expenses, disability compensation, appraisal fees and other 62769.08 yuan at 80% of the compensation liability. At the same time, the defendant was also ordered to compensate Tian Tian for 30000 yuan of spiritual solace




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