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There are many kinds of floors. Epoxy mortar floor is one of them. It is a high-strength, wear-resistant, seamless dust-proof floor. It is made of imported epoxy resin, curing agent and other auxiliary materials

epoxy mortar floor is applicable to the floors of manufacturing workshops such as electronics, machinery, communication equipment, instruments and meters, food, medicine, chemical industry, tobacco, feed, textile, beverage, clothing, furniture, plastics, stationery and sports goods, especially the walkways that need to run forklifts, cars, heavy trolleys. Is the price of epoxy mortar floor expensive? What are the advantages? Let's get to know and have a look

[what are the advantages of choosing epoxy mortar floor paint]

solvent based epoxy mortar floor paint has the following advantages: it is seamless, easy to clean, and does not collect dust and bacteria; The surface is flat and smooth with rich colors, which can beautify the working environment; The ground is non-toxic and meets the sanitary requirements; It has skid resistance, and the surface of the parking lot must have a certain roughness, which is difficult to meet the requirements of the general cement floor

solventless epoxy mortar floor coating has the following advantages: high bonding strength with the base, extremely low shrinkage when hardening, and not easy to crack; The whole is seamless, easy to clean, and does not gather dust and bacteria; High solids, one-time film thickness; Solvent free, low construction toxicity, in line with environmental protection; High strength, wear-resistant, durable, can withstand the crushing of forklifts, carts and other vehicles for a long time; Anti penetration, chemical resistance, strong corrosion performance of Yao products, and good tolerance for oils; Room temperature curing film, easy to repair and maintain; The surface is flat and smooth, rich in color, can beautify the working environment, the ground is non-toxic, and meets the health requirements

[application scope of epoxy mortar floor]

i. it is suitable for chemical anti-corrosion industries such as sewage treatment tank, acid and alkali resistant floor, FRP anti-corrosion, etc

2. It can be used as a corrosion-resistant material in corrosive environments such as seawater, saline alkali areas and chemical plants

3. It is applicable to the sealing and corrosion prevention of underground pipelines, hydropower stations, dam foundations and other interfaces

4. It is applicable to the defect treatment of cracks in beams, columns, pile caps, etc. of buildings, honeycombs, holes and exposed reinforcement on the surface of concrete structures

5. It is applicable to the bonding between steel structure and concrete, and can be made into a wear-resistant floor. The bottom layer shall be leveled during steel bonded reinforcement and carbon fiber bonded reinforcement

6. It is used to bond a variety of homogeneous or heterogeneous materials, such as metal, wood, ceramics, glass, jade, leather, etc

7. It is suitable for repairing concrete structures in aircraft runways, highway bridges, tunnels, mines and corrosive environments

[price of epoxy mortar floor]

epoxy mortar floor (factory workshop garage office laboratory floor) 20 yuan (1 square meter)

epoxy mortar floor epoxy mortar floor (starting batch 500— 999 square meters) 29 yuan (1 square meter) Shenzhen xinchengyu floor materials Co., Ltd.

epoxy mortar floor 45 yuan (1 square meter) Wuxi Shengfa Floor Engineering Co., Ltd.

epoxy mortar floor (starting batch > 100 square meters, 26 yuan, 1 square meter) Shanghai tu'an construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.

epoxy mortar floor (100— 4999 square meters, 14.08 yuan, 1 square meter) Shanghai Liuyang Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd.

epoxy mortar wear-resistant floor, (1000— 4999 square meters, 17 yuan, 1 square meter) 15— 17 square meters Wuxi Yuhui Flooring Co., Ltd.

epoxy mortar flooring (wholesale volume > 100 square meters) 23 yuan 1 square meter Wuxi jiazhouli flooring Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

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