Small house decoration should show individuality,

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For small house decoration, the choice of wall color is very important. In principle, dark color should not be used more, because dark color absorbs light and has weak function of reflecting light, and the originally small room will appear smaller due to darkening

the choice of wall color is very important for small house decoration. In principle, dark color should not be used more, because dark color absorbs light and has weak function of reflecting light, and the originally small room will appear smaller due to darkening. Therefore, the walls of most small houses will be mainly white. In addition, light pink, goose yellow, light blue and other color systems often appear in the homes of heads of households with different personalities. But there is a witticism that says, "principles" are used to break! Small house decoration should be personalized, and the use of dark color will be very outstanding

dark color has the function of narrowing the line of sight. When a wall protrudes at home and causes congestion, it is far better to paint it dark than white. And when the home room is longer, you might as well do dark treatment on the farthest wall, which will appear profound and artistic conception. Although the role of dark color should not be underestimated, it should not be used and abused. Generally speaking, for a room of 30 square meters (small apartment with few partitions, "big bay" is very common), 3/5 of the wall surface is light color, 2/5 of the wall surface is medium color (the number is not absolute, it is probably OK), and the last bit of dark color is used to make a level, so that the room will naturally distinguish between primary and secondary

playing with colors can save a lot of money for your decoration. Many people like to wrap the "Duozi" pass. If you are good at painting dark colors, the carpentry and plaster costs of the pass can be easily saved, and the effect is more fashionable! Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should take a good look at the color plate and keep in mind several classic collocations of the same color system and the contrast color system, and the wall color matching problem will be so easy! Here, I would like to sum up a few frequently used but less noticed ones

1. Large areas of the room should not be painted with bright red, dark yellow and dark blue, which will appear melancholy or irritable after a long time

2. White is the wall color that is easiest to unify the home color. The home color will be very prominent in houses with white as the background

3. There should be no more than three colors in a room, except black, white and gray. Use the first color you think of as 70% of the room color, use the second color you think of as 20%, and fill the last 10% with the third color you think of. These three colors can be the same color system, or there can be a group of contrast colors, depending on your preferences

4. Gray, white and gold are the best adjustment colors. When the color of the room is too flowery or conflicting, these three colors can be used to coordinate. For example, when the contrasting colors of red sofa and green wall appear at the same time, white curtains can be used, so that the room is warm and emotional. Most people think that red and green cannot be matched. In fact, many Dongdong with strong national style use a lot of contrast colors. The most typical is the "red walls and green tiles" in Beijing! However, gray and gold cannot appear at the same time. They will fight

5. Choose furniture first, and then choose the wall color after the furniture color is determined. Generally, the principle of shallow wall, medium floor and deep furniture is followed





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