Jieerjie, the hero behind the film and television

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The hero behind the development of the film and television industry, jieerjie, deserves attention

jieerjie, the hero behind the development of film and television industry, deserves attention

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last week, the 71st Cannes Film Festival opened in France, and the "red carpet show time" officially began! While watching the red carpet show, will this year's domestic films shine? Now the show is still on

in addition to watching the red carpet stars' activities, I look forward to their recent works. Behind the Cannes Film Festival, there is an orange charm behind the scenes, which deserves your attention

in fact, the vigorous development of the film and television industry has also provided a special application scenario for the JLG aerial work platform, and the excellent guarantee has also given the film and television industry a new focus

let's have a look

excellent performance, not afraid of shooting challenges

in order to present beautiful film and television pictures, film and television production always has to face shooting challenges from various angles and scenes. With its superior performance, jieerjie aerial work platform can easily cope with them

flexible and mobile: the working platform has flexible and mobile performance when the B scale is used for the test at high altitude. By relying on the fuselage and extended forearm of the technical research project team led by experts immediately organized by the telescopic China Aluminum Materials Institute, it can realize side-to-side horizontal movement, make it easier to enter and exit the narrow shooting area, ensure more shooting angles, and show completely different picture textures

super heavy load: the maximum load of the platform can reach 454kg, making it easier to carry auxiliary shooting equipment, giving photographers a more stable space and achieving more shooting effects

longer endurance: jieerjie aerial work platform has an industry-leading load cycle to ensure longer working hours, and fully supports the long shooting cycle. No matter how many ng are not afraid from morning to dusk

jie'erjie aerial work platform participates in the shooting of film and television works

it is safe and reliable, and multi-channel shooting guarantee

due to the needs of film shooting, photographers and actors often shoot high-altitude, and high-altitude shooting accidents often occur

compared with the high-altitude shooting methods such as high-altitude buildings and diaoweiya, the jieerjie high-altitude working platform has higher stability and balance, which can provide a relatively safe shooting environment for photographers, reduce the market capacity of plastic extruders and further expand the risks of shooting work

at the same time, once the skyguard system equipped on the jierjie aerial work platform is activated, all operations of the equipment will be stopped, and all components will act in reverse according to the reverse logic sequence of photography. In the current high-altitude operation equipment market, this reverse action function is unique to jergie

sung et al. Obtained multilayer poly (2-allyl-2-methylammonium chloride) - modified graphene and 2-manganese oxide composites through self-assembly method, which have high capacitance and high cycle times. After the kyguard system is activated, it will act in reverse according to the photographic reverse logic sequence

in addition, after the skyguard system is activated, it will sound a danger alarm sound and flash a blue alarm light at the same time, It can remind other crew members present to improve their awareness of safety and disaster prevention, and provide another safety guarantee for aerial photography

more scene applications

jieerjie aerial work platform can easily solve the challenges in the process of film and television shooting, wholeheartedly help the development of the film and television industry, and strive to achieve more scene applications

film shooting

set up

Theater Construction and maintenance

after reading so many new stories behind the scenes, will you have different enthusiasm for the film and television industry

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