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Extruder manufacturer Jiangsu Xinda Technology Co., Ltd. plans to build a new factory

compound production and extrusion equipment manufacturer Jiangsu Xinda Technology Co., Ltd. will build a new factory in Wuxi with an area of 42000 square meters by the end of the year. Kedan Du, vice president of the company, announced the news at the Taipei International plastic and rubber industry exhibition

Jiangsu Xinda Technology Co., Ltd., an extruder manufacturer, plans to build a new plant. Du said that the Wuxi plant has invested 10million US dollars and is close to the company's headquarters in Jiangyin. After being put into full production, 100 extrusion lines will be produced every year. The company's existing 20000 square meter factory can produce 50 production lines per year

the company has been established for 26 years. Its production equipment includes kneading and extrusion system, twin-screw extruder, color masterbatch production equipment, PET bottle and polypropylene cleaning equipment

du said, "we mainly focus on the export market." 85% of the company's machines are exported overseas. The company has set up exhibition rooms in deizli, France and Turkey, where the excessive consumption demand shows rigidity. It also actively participates in major exhibitions: in September alone, Xinda only affected all aspects and depth of trade exhibitions in Taipei, Jakarta, Bogota, Shanghai and Beijing

the new plant shows that the management is very optimistic about the business. Its sales reached a record of 12million dollars in 2012, but fell to about 9million dollars last year. Although the buyers are very cautious, the sales have risen steadily by 20% this year: "enterprises are still buying machines, but only limited to small production lines."

when talking about the challenges in 2015, Du said: "the main challenge we face is not our market, but our own. We must constantly improve our machinery and equipment. There is no doubt that there is a market with excellent waterproof performance.

referring to a topic commonly mentioned at the exhibition, Du said that buyers who want to reduce labor and training costs are interested in buying more automated control systems." European buyers, in particular, are in greater demand. "

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