Jiaozuo Jiugao highway begins to pave

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Jiaozuo Jiugao highway began to pave the pavement

the Jiugao highway project with a total length of 33.13 kilometers and a total budget investment of 14.84 million yuan of treasury bonds is progressing smoothly. On June 2, it began to pave the asphalt concrete pavement for President Xi's visit

the main line of the road starts from Liangma village, Jiulishan Township, Macun district and ends at Guozhuang village, Gaocun Township, Xiuwu County. It includes three branch lines and is divided into eight bid sections. It was fully started on February 12 this year. The road runs through the southeast of Macun District, connecting the central urban area of Macun district and some villages, and connecting multiple trunk lines under the jurisdiction

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