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Annual report: the upstream cost pressure is reduced, and the downward space of plastics is limited

content abstract: internationally speaking, when the experimental machine is loaded:

the high crude oil price drops, which reduces the upstream cost pressure of plastics. However, at the same time, attention should be paid to the impact of the economic crisis on the demand for plastics. In addition, the plastic restriction order also suppresses some demand

lldpe market will continue to be affected by crude oil price. Attention should be paid to petrochemical policy and downstream consumption to popularize the operating knowledge of the changed universal machine. From the point of view of the spot price of plastics, it once fell below the low point of 6100 yuan in 2002. At that time, the price of crude oil was 35 dollars. Due to the lack of market confidence, even plastics oversold. The spot price difference in the same period expanded to 1000 yuan/ton, which limited the room for decline in the later period. For 2009, we cautiously believe that under the condition that the downstream demand is difficult to recover, the plastic will remain low, with the bottom supported at 5800. Once the market recovers in the third quarter, it can fluctuate upward, and the rebound can be as high as 9940

I. review of plastics market in 2008

with the international crude oil price hitting a new high in 2008, it once exceeded $147/barrel, and then the price fell back to $40, which made the plastics market rise and fall sharply. At the beginning of the year, driven by the downstream demand and the rise in crude oil prices, the plastics index hit the 15000 point mark in March. However, with the deepening of the financial crisis, Bear Stearns, the fifth largest investment bank in the United States, suffered a win-win cooperation, which was the theme crisis of global economic development. The price of commodity futures plunged, which led to a sharp correction in the price of plastics. However, as the crude oil price continued to hit a new high, even plastics continued to hit a high after adjustment, The plastic index broke through the 16000 point mark in June. With the introduction of the national "plastic restriction order", the downstream cost was under heavy pressure and finally began to fall. The fall of the high crude oil price also accelerated the decline of the plastic price. The plastic index once fell to the lowest 5800 points

in November, with the short-term shortage of spot supply, a small rebound began after the crude oil price stopped falling around $40. The counter attack started in a short time, with active trading. The position was close to 100000 hands at one time, and the trading volume exceeded 1million hands/day. As a new variety that has been listed for more than a year, it has attracted extreme attention from the market. However, the global economy is in the doldrums, and the demand is still in the doldrums, which puts a lot of pressure on the future market of Lianyungang plastics. We can look at the future market of Lianyungang plastics from the following fundamental aspects

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