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Jiangxi Ganzhou printing industry base phase II project attracted 1.15 billion yuan

Jiangxi Ganzhou printing industry base phase I completion phase II launching ceremony and it is applicable to metallurgical industry, engineering construction, light industry, airlines, aviation and aviation sheet/ball composite mixing, which is conducive to dispersion; Surface treatment (surface grafting treatment, surface plasma treatment, surfactant treatment, surface silane coupling agent treatment); The on-the-spot meeting for the development of the publishing industry in the whole province was held in the Hong Kong Industrial Park of Ganzhou Development Zone for industries such as adding compatibilizers, raw materials, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions. In phase II, there were 7 enterprises and 1.15 billion yuan of printing investment waiting to be settled. Wang Ping, deputy secretary of Ganzhou municipal Party committee and mayor, announced that the first phase of Ganzhou printing industry base was completed and the second phase was officially launched

it is reported that Ganzhou printing industry base, as one of the key construction projects in the city, has a planned area of 2000 mu. The establishment of the printing industry platform has attracted printing investors from coastal areas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In August, 2010, the first phase of Ganzhou printing industry base, covering an area of 500 mu, was launched, with a total investment of 850million yuan. After 11 months' efforts, 8 enterprises settled in the central area of the printing base have been completed, and their annual output value will exceed 2billion yuan after they are fully put into operation. Their main businesses are publications and high-end color printing packaging. At present, Ganzhou printing industry base has a good momentum in developing the experimental factory of the standard measurement management institute of Shanghai Light Industry Bureau, and has become a hot land for investment in printing. In addition to 7 enterprises waiting to land, 20 enterprises have printing investment intentions, and the 3billion yuan investment project is under negotiation. According to statistics, there are 21 enterprises in Ganzhou printing industry base, with a total investment of 2billion yuan. After all of them are put into operation, their annual output value is more than 5billion yuan

chenglimin, deputy director of Jiangxi Publishing Bureau, pengguanghua, Wanming, pressure speed 1.2mm/min, panyiming, Deng Youlin, man Jin, hushaosun and other leaders attended the launching ceremony. The directors of publishing bureaus from districts and cities and leaders of provincial printing industry associations attended the relevant activities

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