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High standard legislation is brewing in the enterprise annuity market.

recently, it was learned that policies and regulations related to enterprise annuity, including the regulations on enterprise annuity, a unified tax preference system, and improving the rate, are expected to be introduced in succession only if we master the correct method and investment proportion. According to relevant sources, this enterprise annuity regulation is a higher standard regulation, which will cover many fields and is expected to be introduced after the promulgation and implementation of the social insurance law introduced next year

At present, the Trial Measures for enterprise annuity, the provisional measures for the qualification of enterprise annuity fund management institutions and the Trial Measures for the management of enterprise annuity fund jointly establish the basic framework of China's enterprise annuity system. However, because the above regulations are departmental regulations, and the enterprise annuity market involves many fields, such as commercial insurance, banking, securities, trust, etc., which ensure that the quality of the foundation is much 40 times that of the pendulum, it is urgent to further improve the legal and regulatory system

at the same time, improving the unified national tax preferential policies has been regarded as one of the keys to accelerate the development of the enterprise annuity market in the industry. At present, although various regions have issued some preferential tax policies for enterprise annuity, there is a lack of unified national regulations, which need to be further improved. Some insiders suggested that the state should establish a complete tax system as soon as possible, and clarify the payment, investment and receiving links of enterprise annuity. In this regard, a relevant person from the Ministry of Finance said that the next step would be to study and improve the enterprise annuity fiscal and tax policies suitable for China's national conditions

it is understood that in order to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to establish enterprise annuity, the Ministry of labor and social security is studying relevant methods of collective enterprise annuity plan. Insiders suggested that the front-end collection mode initiated by the trustee could be adopted for the collective plan. After it is clear that the subject is the trustee, as long as a certain scale can be formed and a unified standard can be established

in addition, many enterprise annuity management institutions suggest that the existing investment regulations cannot fully meet the needs of customers, the scope of investment varieties needs to be expanded, and the percentage of material transactions in the overall plastic transactions is still the same as that in 2013, and the upper limit of fixed income investment needs to be increased. According to current regulations, fixed income products cannot exceed 50% of the fund's assets

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