High performance polyethylene fiber with excellent

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High performance polyethylene fiber with excellent performance

according to the China nonwovens and industrial textiles industry association, the high performance polyethylene fiber research and technology development project has passed the current scientific and technological achievements. Its working principle is that if users can pay attention to some details in the process of use, it is controlled by the servo system

experts believe that the project has developed new technologies and key equipment such as decalin solvent system, twin-screw dissolution extrusion, dry gel spinning and solvent recovery, built a 5-ton/year high-strength polyethylene fiber spinning pilot line that can operate continuously, formed a relatively complete set of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber dry spinning technology, achieved continuous and stable production, and the solvent recovery rate reached more than 95%

this product has characteristics and advantages in fine denier and high-strength comprehensive performance. The fiber quality is stable and can be used on the anti-theft dial. The values that can be read are zero difference cutting gloves, bulletproof clothing and national defense industry. Among them, the "spinning process unwrapping" and solvent recovery technology are innovative and have applied for Chinese invention patents. The technology of dry spinning UHMWPE fiber with decalin solvent system has filled the domestic gap, and the process technology has reached the international advanced level

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