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The high-tech products in the packaging industry, which have actively initiated the system development, will be supported

the Ministry of Finance recently decided to arrange special funds to support and encourage the packaging industry to implement high-tech project product development, technological innovation and new technology promotion

the Ministry of Finance issued the notice on issues related to high-tech R & D funds in the packaging industry, which said that the financial support mainly adopts two ways: free subsidy and loan interest discount. For R & D projects mainly invested by self financing, free funding is generally adopted; For projects mainly invested by bank loans, the way of loan discount is generally adopted. The amount of free subsidy is generally controlled within 5million yuan for each project, and does not exceed the amount of self raised funds invested by the enterprise. The amount of loan discount is determined by referring to the project loan amount and the loan interest rate of the same period published by the people's Bank of China. The discount period of each project is generally not more than two years, and the discount amount is not more than 5million yuan

the notice points out that the supported products include: the development and industrialization projects of new packaging products, packaging materials and packaging machinery that are recognized by relevant departments to be at the international leading level or fill the domestic gap; High tech research and development projects integrating industry, University and research, national new product development projects recognized by relevant departments to complete man-machine dialogue, new materials and new technology design and development projects and application technology projects approved by departments above the provincial level

information source; China Securities News/Yin Tao

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