High purity sorting technology of the hottest PVC

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High purity sorting technology of PVC door and window profiles

plastic window profiles are composed of rigid PVC. Rubber or soft PVC sealing strips are used to seal between glass and window frame profiles, and also seal the whole window edge. These sealing strips are mainly noise free; If there is no oil pollution, use black or dark gray. Because the window frame profile is often made of black PVC, it is difficult to remove the unnecessary rubber sealing strip. The window profile can only adapt to the market if it is hard. PVC is an ideal thermoplastic material, which is easy to be processed into new profiles, as long as the raw materials do not contain rubber. We know that vulcanized rubber is a kind of cross-linking material (thermosetting) that cannot be melted in the extruder, so PVC waste contaminated by this kind of pollution will not be used

first, the leftover material of the window profile is ground in the grinder and the dust is removed. Then the rubber and soft PVC sealing strips are separated automatically by the electrostatic separator. The high-purity PVC component obtained in this way can be used as the middle layer of new multi-layer window profiles. If white profiles are mainly separated, the complete production line for processing waste PVC window profiles will also use color sorting equipment after electrostatic separation. In this case, pure PVC with looseness of more than 99.99% can be obtained by 3.1 spectral analysis - using the principle of spectroscopy to confirm the structure and chemical composition of materials

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