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High speed dry cutting and low temperature cold air cutting in the drilling machine industry

this processing method is to use a very high cutting speed for cutting without cooling and lubricating agents. Proper cutting premise must be selected for dry cutting. First, use a high cutting speed to minimize the contact time between the tool and the workpiece, and then remove the chips with compressed air or other similar methods to control the temperature of the working area. With the extensive use of numerical control technology, the rigidity and dynamic function of machine tools continue to improve, and it is not difficult to improve the cutting speed of machine tools. Practice has proved that when the parameters of the cutting radial drilling machine are set accurately, 80% of the heat generated by cutting can be taken away by chips. High speed dry cutting method has strict requirements for the tool: ① the tool should have excellent high resistance, intuitive interface, simple operation, perfect control scheme, powerful editing function and temperature function, and can work without cutting fluid. New cutting materials such as cemented carbide, polycrystalline ceramics and CBN are the preferred materials for dry cutting tools; ② The friction coefficient between the chip and the tool should be as small as possible (the most effective method is the tool surface coating), supplemented by the tool structure with good chip removal of the radial drilling machine to reduce heat accumulation; ③ Dry cutting tools should also have higher strength and impact toughness than wet cutting tools. Low temperature cold air cutting this cutting method is a processing method that uses -10 ~ -100 ℃ cold air and a very small amount of vegetable oil to replace cooling and lubricating agent cooling. Jinjitong suggests that in the process of metal cutting, if only a very small amount of vegetable oil with good lubrication effect and no oxidation is provided to the processing point, the processing point will lose its lubricity due to high temperature. If cold air (-10 ~ - 100 ℃) is provided to the processing point, the high temperature of the processing point can be prevented and the above situation can be avoided. The cutting function is greatly improved during cold air cutting. The test shows that the function of cold air cutting and grinding of radial drilling machine is more than twice that of oil cutting and grinding. Comparison of cutting function with and without vegetable oil cutting agent and cold air. It can be seen that the effect of cutting with cold air alone is better than that with plants, and the cold air and a small amount of vegetable oil together make the cutting function of cutting tools further strengthened, such as: when used. Cutting premise during the test: workpiece diameter: F92 ~ f98mm, cutting speed: 45.1 ~ 48.0m/min, feed: 0.5mm, cutting tool: tool tip radius r0.4, which is equivalent to skh4 high speed steel, and the blade is not reground. No precision lubricating oil, no cold air processing; There is precision lubricating oil and no cold air; There is precision lubricating oil and cold air; No precision lubricating oil, with -16.7 ℃ cold air; Cutting function with or without vegetable oil cutting agent and cold air. When using strong cold air with very low temperature to process the radial drilling machine, in order to prevent the lubricating agent from freezing and losing its lubricity, a small amount of vegetable oil can be coated on the tool surface before processing, and then strong cold air can be supplied to the processing point. That is, the effect will be better if strong cold air is not mixed with oil. The use of trace vegetable oil not only reduces the cutting energy consumption, but also eliminates the corrosion of the workpiece

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