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The high-speed sterile filling production line II of pudding cup

the cup cover material is a multi-layer material with aluminum and plastic barrier coating of Pechiney (), which is pulled onto the machine from the side and sent to the sterile channel after sterilization on both sides. There, the side sealing machine full of air attaches the sealing material to the filled cup, which will also give the extruder industry endless development power, and continues to move forward to the sealing place. Through a lower servo system driven sealing disc and a higher pneumatic sealing disc, the product grade is improved, and each pudding cup is sealed

after sealing, the cooling plate will cool the cup cap to make it brittle and easy to cut. Then, the stamping machine will divide the pudding cups into two groups, three groups or six groups according to the final packaging settings, and engrave scratches on the sealing film between the cups in each group, so that consumers can easily separate the pudding cups

the finished pudding cup will be sent to the conveyor belt for transportation, and then loaded into the handling device. Before leaving the filling workshop, the pudding cup on the two single line conveyor belts passes through a lasetech laser encoder produced by industrial dynamics (). The encoder will print the production date, product number, best eating date and other information on the surface of the pudding cup

gehl`s has installed a 6400ce vertical stacker from hartness dynac between the loader and the three nesting machines and between the nesting machine and the two packing equipment, including four units divided into nine layers, each of which can provide finished product stacking up to 439 inches high. Mr. Gehl said, "these hartness machines are the secret of successfully operating this operation line, and we think this function is very, very critical." As Gehl explained, this first in first out packaging method and the stacking function provided by four dynac machines make it easy for the company to track a batch of finished puddings with quality problems

after filling, sealing and coding, the pudding cups used for multi cup combined packaging leave the filling workshop. They are directly transferred to the first group of DYNACS stacker, where they are stacked, and later sent to three Davis labeling machines, where the paper labels provided by outlook group () are wrapped on the products

gehl`s system uses two vertical stacking platforms in front of its three marking machines, and there are also such stacking platforms in front of the two packing machines, which is of great practical significance for Chinalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. to speed up the essential extrication, realize the essential profit, and improve the sustainable development ability. The four platforms are divided into nine layers, and each stacking unit provides a stacking space as high as 439 feet. After labeling, the multi unit packaging group will be taken to the second group of DYNACS stacking table, where the stacked products will be sent to two motor-driven wacp packaging machines produced by Douglas. The speed of the packing machine is 25 cases per minute

after the packing step, the sealed packing box is combined into a conveyor belt and sent to the ultramark 3000 series xj-500 inkjet printer produced by Fas co coders (). There, graphics including brand name and trademark, product description, ingredient details, packing box weight, product number, best eating date, bar code and other information are printed on the packing box, with a printing accuracy of 200 points per inch

the cup cover is made of aluminum and plastic barrier coating, and then the packaging box is sent to the high conveyor belt by thermoplastic polyimide engineering plastic resin through a longitudinal slope, and then the conveyor belt sends the product to the high feeding and handling device produced by Currie. The system is fully automated. It adopts an automatic tracking feeding measurement conveyor belt, with an independent power product steering and segmented transportation parts, a separate stripping tray operated by brackets and pinions, and a power roller lifting bed, which can load pallets at the speed of 75 boxes per minute. The pallets loaded by it can reach 40348 inches in length and 112 inches in height

next, the products with pallets installed are transferred by the conveyor belt along a straight line to a Lantech Q1000 automatic rotary bench type stretch wrapping machine. The wrapped goods will then be sent out of the operation line, waiting to be taken away by the elevator operator. Goods that have been palletized before being stocked will be manually labeled, and the labels will be printed on the tharo () Apollo 3 barcode printer integrated with gehl`s enterprise resource planning system software

Gehl was very satisfied with the quality and operation of this operation line after running the new hassia loader and downstream equipment for only more than seven months. According to Mr. John Gehl, it is the result of a team effort. From the installation of processing system and filling machine to packaging processing, the success of this project can be attributed to the powerful internal resources of gehl`s company, including processing and packaging engineers, installation staff and production staff, who operate different equipment provided by suppliers. They cooperated with some additional on-site engineering technicians and human resources provided by hassia, so that the company could install the loader on the operation line at a record speed

Gehl`s will also install three new low acid sterile operation lines, including a hassia sterile stick packaging and filling machine, which will bring them new packaging forms

the first in, first out packaging processing method and vertical stacking table ensure the quality of products

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