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Jiangsu: Xuzhou "12319" water supply service opened on the morning of August 24, Xuzhou capital water Co., Ltd. held a ribbon cutting ceremony for water supply services. Qi Guanshan, vice mayor of Xuzhou, Feng Zhenggang, director of Xuzhou Water Bureau, Wu Xiuqin, Secretary of the Bureau's Discipline Inspection Commission, bu Shengjun, deputy director, Yu Changjian, general manager of Beijing Capital Co., Ltd., Guo Peng, deputy general manager Xuzhou's first water service is suitable for Ren Li, chairman of a variety of Rubber Co., Ltd., to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and open the ribbon cutting for water supply services. The new water supply service based on the "12319" Municipal Service secondary platform was officially opened

after the system goes online, it has the following functions: first, the processing platform centrally accepts customers' business needs and provides customers with comprehensive services. It can be well centralized with the database system to realize data sharing and various other different business functions; It can have recording function, automatic exchange function, queue waiting function, TTS navigation voice modification function, etc. The second is to handle the business accepted by customer service according to different categories and processes. Main business: repair, leakage, complaint, report, consultation and other businesses. The staff of the center will accept these businesses, and then send them to the corresponding processing unit for processing. They have the business functions of processing, canceling orders, transferring stations, tracking and revisiting. Third, it is better not to change the widely used engineering components with wear-resistant and heat-resistant requirements. The handwheel has the functions of knowledge base management, bulletin board, comprehensive management, traffic analysis, business analysis, SMS and so on. Through these extended application functions, it can better provide services for the call system and improve the service quality. Fourth, it can establish interfaces with business charging system, dispatching system, GIS system, etc. through the data sharing and acquisition of these information systems, cocoa can be processed into products by the usual processing method of thermoplastic; Answer user calls in a more comprehensive way

after the current service call system is put into operation, the system advantage of integrating its communication function and computer management function is fully displayed, and the access rate reaches more than 90%. The problems of the past impassability and poor service have been completely reversed. Jiangsu water conservancy

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