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There are practical ways to solve the "three difficulties" of Agricultural Mechanization in Jiangxi

the problems of "housing, travel and medical treatment" of agricultural machinery have always been an important factor perplexing the development of Agricultural Mechanization in various regions. How does Jiangxi Province solve this problem

in Yaojia village, Shizhuang Township, Chongren County, Jiangxi Province, Lu Jianping, chairman of Jianping agricultural machinery professional cooperative, is the leader of the agricultural machinery cooperative. Their cooperative now has 107 members and more than 320 sets of agricultural machines and tools. The relevant research results of "socialization" in Xinjiang also show that the services involve seedling raising, machine transplanting, machine farming, machine prevention, machine harvesting and other fields, with an annual socialized service area of more than 100000 Mu and an operating income of 10million yuan. As an old agricultural machinery man, Lu Jianping often participated in the agricultural machinery maintenance training courses organized by the county. Generally, the agricultural machinery can be repaired by himself, and few experts are invited. The cooperative also built a hangar shed of more than 300 square meters, with a government subsidy of 46000 yuan, which solved the problem of "housing difficulties" of agricultural machinery. At present, the biggest problem is the poor road conditions in the village, and the agricultural machinery is "difficult to travel", which affects the operation efficiency. He hoped that the local government could pay the Japanese government to build and maintain tractor roads around 1969 and strengthen the construction of high-standard farmland

it is understood that Jiangxi Province is just a few simple operation level agricultural machinery departments. In recent years, they have focused on promoting the mechanization of the whole production process to protect the safety of experimental personnel. They focus on the mechanized planting of rice, mechanized and efficient plant protection and the promotion of mechanized drying of grain, effectively breaking through the bottleneck of machine insertion technology, improving the ability of efficient plant protection and solving the problem of grain drying. In 2016, the growth of high-speed rice transplanters, plant protection drones and grain dryers exceeded the historical total. From 2014 to 2016, the grain dryer achieved a new increment that exceeded the historical sum for three consecutive years. The mechanical planting rate of rice in the province reached 26.38%, and the mechanical drying rate reached 29.12%, an increase of 6.38 percentage points and 9.12 percentage points respectively over the previous year. In 2017, agricultural machinery departments at all levels in Jiangxi will strive to increase the mechanized planting rate of rice by 4 percentage points and further improve the mechanization level of the whole process of rice production

Qiu Pingping, deputy director of Jiangxi Agricultural Machinery Bureau, told that in order to promote the solution of the problems of agricultural machinery, such as "difficulties in housing, roads and medical treatment", the province strongly supports agricultural machinery cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households to build agricultural machinery warehouses, and constantly strengthens the construction of tractor roads and agricultural machinery maintenance points. From 2013 to 2015, a total of 60million yuan was invested to implement the project of "replacing subsidies with awards" for agricultural machinery maintenance, and 359 agricultural machinery maintenance centers and 96 mobile service stations for agricultural machinery maintenance were subsidized, which greatly alleviated the problem of "difficulty in seeing a doctor" of agricultural machinery

since 2016, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery has targeted at the problem of "housing difficulties" of agricultural machinery, using 20million yuan of provincial financial funds, and in accordance with the methods of voluntary declaration at the county level, equal recommendation by districts and cities, and provincial audit, it has determined to carry out the construction of "reward instead of subsidy" agricultural machinery sheds in 47 pilot counties. It will subsidize 150 yuan per square meter of newly-built sheds in 2016, starting from 100 square meters, and a total of 478 agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households, large grain planting households Agricultural production and operation organizations such as family farms and village groups have a construction area of 133400 square meters, stimulating farmers' self raised investment of 24.32 million yuan, and the "housing difficulty" of agricultural machinery has been initially alleviated

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