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Jiangxi comprehensively strengthens the safety production of dangerous chemicals! Provincial key chemical industry parks fully implement closed management

Jiangxi comprehensively strengthens the safety production of dangerous chemicals! The provincial key chemical industry parks fully implement the closed management, coating,

Jiangxi comprehensively strengthens the safety production of dangerous chemicals! The provincial key chemical industry parks fully implement closed management

December 18, 2020

in order to comprehensively strengthen the safety production of hazardous chemicals in Jiangxi Province and effectively maintain the safety of people's lives and property, according to the spirit of the notice of the general Office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council on printing and distributing the opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the safety production of hazardous chemicals, and in combination with the actual situation of Jiangxi Province, the following implementation opinions are hereby formulated

II. Strictly rectify and strengthen risk control

(I) carry out in-depth rectification of coatings. Strictly implement the leadership of local Party committees and governments, and comprehensively carry out safety risk screening and hidden danger treatment for hazardous chemical enterprises, chemical parks or chemical concentrated areas (hereinafter referred to as chemical parks) in accordance with the guidelines for the screening and treatment of potential safety risks in enterprises with a speed of about 300km/h when dangerous chemicals such as high-altitude trains are running and the guidelines for the screening and treatment of safety risks in chemical parks (Trial). We will implement dynamic supervision of all hazardous chemical production and storage enterprises at different levels, and implement the strictest rectification in accordance with the principle of "one enterprise, one policy". By the end of 2022, complete the comprehensive rectification of the external safety protection distance of hazardous chemical production and storage enterprises. The municipal governments divided into districts shall implement the strictest management and rectification of the chemical industry parks in accordance with the principle of "one park, one policy", and those that do not meet the relevant requirements shall be closed and withdrawn within the specified time limit. We will thoroughly organize and carry out the three-year action of special rectification of chemical safety required by the indicators of the industrialization project of key technologies of dangerous new chemical materials in the province

(II) optimize the industrial structure. By the end of 2021, the municipal governments divided into districts should formulate and strictly implement the catalogue of "prohibition, limitation and control" of hazardous chemicals. It is strictly prohibited to build chemical projects that do not meet the national industrial policies or industry access conditions, as well as serious overcapacity; It is prohibited to build or expand petrochemical, chemical, coking and other high pollution projects outside the park that have been listed in the catalogue of China Development Zone audit announcement or approved by the provincial government; Strictly restrict the construction of highly toxic chemical projects, and basically realize the reduction of highly toxic chemical production enterprises without increase; Strictly control high-risk chemical projects involving phosgene, chlorine, ammonia and other toxic gases, ammonium nitrate, nitroguanidine, ammonium chlorate and other explosive dangerous chemicals, and nitrification and other dangerous processes. Support hazardous chemical production enterprises to carry out the transformation and upgrading of production safety technology, and eliminate the processes and production capacity that do not meet the national and industrial standards for production safety according to law. It is strictly prohibited to accept and eliminate backward production capacity, settle in other places, set up factories and enter the park, and those who violate the regulations and approve the construction and the recipients shall be investigated in accordance with the law

III. strictly control the source and strengthen the supervision of the whole chain

(III) strictly enforce safety access. By the end of 2020, establish a coordination and communication mechanism for the preparation of chemical industry development planning led by the industry and information technology department and participated by the development and reform, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and urban rural construction, emergency management and other departments. The provincial government shall organize and carry out safety risk assessment, demonstration, improvement and implementation of control measures for the new chemical industry park, and the specific work shall be implemented by the provincial emergency department and other departments and relevant districts and cities. By the end of 2020, the relevant government departments at or above the level of districts and cities will jointly establish a safety risk prevention and control mechanism for hazardous chemical construction projects involving "two key and one major" (hazardous chemical processes under key supervision, hazardous chemicals under key supervision, and major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals). Build high-tech industrial development zones, economic and technological development zones, industrial parks or independent chemical parks with chemical industry as the leading industry, organize and carry out the overall safety risk assessment of chemical parks at least once every five years, and local governments should improve and implement safety prevention and control measures. By the end of 2022, the provincial key chemical industry parks will fully implement closed management, promote the chemical industry parks where the accumulation of hazardous chemical vehicles poses a greater safety risk, and build a special parking lot for hazardous chemical vehicles that meets the standards. Strictly implement the relevant provisions on the identification, evaluation and registration of chemicals, scientifically and accurately identify and evaluate the physical hazards and test toxicity of chemicals, and it is strictly prohibited to put into production before implementing risk prevention and control measures

(IV) strengthen the safety control of key links. Identify and publish the list of existing chemical parks that meet the standards. All new chemical projects enter the chemical industry park, and enterprises outside the chemical industry park are restricted from reconstruction and expansion. Conduct safety review on newly developed chemical processes. Strengthen the connection between the development plan of oil and gas long-distance pipelines in the province and other plans such as land space and transportation. Urge enterprises to actively establish an integrity management system for oil and gas long-distance pipelines and vigorously promote integrity management. Accelerate the construction of geographic information system for long-distance oil and gas pipelines in the province, encourage the active research and development of key technologies for the protection of long-distance oil and gas pipelines, and strengthen the management and control of high consequence areas of long-distance oil and gas pipelines. Strictly implement the legal inspection system for oil and gas long-distance pipelines, and the inspection coverage of oil and gas long-distance pipelines reaches 100%. Strengthen the control of planned land use around long-distance oil and gas pipelines, and prohibit the planning and construction of residential areas, schools, hospitals and other densely populated places. Strictly implement the waybill system for road transportation of dangerous chemicals, strengthen the safety supervision of the whole chain of dangerous goods transportation, and promote the professionalization of the transportation industry of dangerous chemicals. Strictly control the passage of dangerous goods transport vehicles in super large highway bridges, navigation (power) hub dam top bridges, super long highway tunnels and drinking water sources. Strengthen the safety management of ports, airports, railway stations and yards and other supporting storage places for dangerous goods, and rectify, clean up and close down those that do not meet the conditions for safe production in accordance with the law. Strengthen the use safety management of hazardous chemicals in relevant enterprises and hospitals, schools, scientific research institutions and other units, and strictly implement the flow registration system

(V) strengthen the supervision of hazardous wastes. We will comprehensively carry out the screening of hazardous wastes such as waste chemicals (hereinafter referred to as hazardous wastes), identify and identify solid wastes with unknown attributes, and focus on rectifying the possible problems of illegal stockpiling, random dumping, and private landfilling of hazardous wastes in chemical parks, chemical enterprises, and hazardous chemical units, so as to ensure the safety of hazardous waste storage, transportation, and disposal. Establish and improve the transfer voucher system of hazardous wastes from generation to disposal. By the end of 2021, establish a system of departmental linkage, regional cooperation, consultation and supervision of major cases, form a supervision system covering the whole process of hazardous waste generation, collection, storage, transfer, transportation, utilization and disposal, and intensify efforts to crack down on illegal and criminal acts of intentional concealment, illegal release and discharge, or illegal and illegal disposal of hazardous waste. Accelerate the research and development of technical equipment for comprehensive disposal of hazardous waste, reasonably plan and arrange disposal enterprises, and encourage construction projects with an annual production of hazardous waste of more than 6000 tons to build and utilize disposal facilities under the premise of controllable environmental safety risks; Accelerate the construction of Shangrao Gandongbei industrial solid waste disposal center and Xinyu Ganxi hazardous waste disposal center, and eliminate the bottleneck of disposal capacity. By the end of 2020, urge enterprises to organize safety risk assessment and demonstration and hidden danger investigation and treatment of key environmental protection facilities and projects

IV. strictly supervise according to law and strengthen the main body

(VI) strengthen measures. Conscientiously implement the dual prevention mechanism of hierarchical control of safety risks and troubleshooting and management of hidden dangers, carry out risk identification and assessment, implement risk publicity, and implement hierarchical control measures; Regularly carry out hidden danger investigation and anti "three violations" actions, timely record the hidden danger investigation and treatment into the Jiangxi work safety supervision information system, and establish a closed-loop management hidden danger investigation and treatment mechanism with full participation, full post coverage and whole process connection

(VII) strengthen legal measures. Strictly investigate the illegal and criminal acts in the field of work safety. Strictly implement the laws and regulations related to the safety of dangerous chemicals and the transportation of dangerous goods, and strengthen the rule of law. Strictly implement the publicity system of administrative law enforcement, the record system of the whole process of law enforcement and the legal review system of major law enforcement decisions, and strengthen precise and strict law enforcement. Strictly investigate and deal with reported cases in accordance with the "measures for the implementation of rewards for reporting in the field of work safety in Jiangxi Province"

(VIII) strengthen the punishment of dishonesty. The main person in charge (legal representative) of the production and storage enterprise of hazardous chemicals must conscientiously perform their duties and make safety commitments; Those who are subject to criminal punishment or dismissal for failing to perform their duties of work safety shall be subject to occupational prohibition according to law. Implement the safety risk research and judgment and commitment announcement system, and urge the production and storage enterprises of hazardous chemicals to regularly report the safety risk management and control. Implement the "blacklist" system of safety production, what is the working principle of avoiding and impacting the testing machine by concealment, deception or obstruction, fighting against the supervision of safety production and environmental protection, commanding and operating in violation of regulations, causing major safety hazards, changing the process in violation of regulations, destroying the monitoring facilities, entraining, misreporting, concealing Units and major persons who conceal dangerous goods and other subjective and intentional acts that seriously endanger the safety of people's lives and property shall be included in their credit records in accordance with the law and regulations. Strictly investigate and deal with production safety accidents of hazardous chemicals. Any production safety accident that causes death or has no casualties but significant social impact should be strictly dealt with according to law, and disciplinary measures for dishonesty should be implemented according to regulations

(IX) strengthen incentive measures. Comprehensively promote the construction of safety production standardization in hazardous chemical enterprises. For the primary and secondary standardization enterprises that expand production and capacity, enter the zone and enter the park, priority shall be given to them under the same conditions, and the inspection frequency shall be reduced. For hazardous chemical projects encouraged by the state, the self-use advanced dangerous goods testing and inspection equipment imported within the total investment shall be exempted from import tariffs in accordance with the current policies and regulations; Implement the preferential policy of enterprise income tax credit for investment in special equipment for work safety in accordance with the law. Implement the extraction standard of safety production expenses of hazardous chemical production and storage enterprises. Promote hazardous chemical enterprises to establish safety production internal audit mechanism and commitment system, improve risk classification management and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and prevention mechanism, and incorporate it into the safety production standardization grade review conditions

v. improve the level of science and technology and strengthen basic support

(x) improve the level of science and technology and informatization. Strengthen the research support of hazardous chemicals safety, deploy and support the basic research and key technology research on the safe application of hazardous chemicals in the provincial science and technology plan. According to the requirements of the national hazardous chemicals regulatory information sharing platform, by the end of 2022, we will comprehensively use high and new technologies such as electronic labels, big data and artificial intelligence to carry out the whole process of information management and monitoring of the production, storage, transportation, use, operation and waste disposal of hazardous chemicals. Strengthen the intrinsic safety of hazardous chemical processes

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