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Reducing costs and improving the environment Jiangxi has launched 80 preferential policies

recently, Jiangxi Province held the "provincial TV mobilization Conference for special action to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment" (the main venue is Nanchang, with three-level linkage between provinces, cities and counties). Qiang Wei, Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, and Lu Xinshe, governor of Jiangxi Province, attended and addressed the meeting. A few days ago, Jiangxi Province held a TV mobilization Conference for the provincial special action to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment (the main venue is Nanchang, with linkage at the provincial, municipal and county levels). Qiang Wei, Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, and Lu Xinshe, governor of Jiangxi Province, attended and addressed the meeting

Qiang Wei pointed out that the special action to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment is a specific action to implement the five development concepts of the central government and promote supply side structural reform. It is the main starting point to adapt to the new normal of economic development and cope with the current downward pressure on the economy. We should strengthen leadership, carefully organize, further compact and further promote, release policy dividends, and strive to help enterprises strengthen their muscles and bones in the market fight

implement the four links

carry out the special action of reducing enterprise costs and optimizing the development environment, which can help enterprises solve the practical difficulties of production and operation and reduce the burden of enterprises from the immediate point of view; In the medium term, it is conducive to enhancing enterprise confidence and investment willingness; In the long run, it is beneficial for enterprises to focus on R & D and innovation, and promote enterprises to accelerate transformation and upgrading. All localities and departments should attach great importance to it, quickly integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and do a solid job in the work of the special action to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment. Four links should be implemented in specific work

policies should focus on efforts. We should do a good job in policy sorting, compilation, research and other work, and timely incorporate the new spirit of the Central Committee and the new policies of our province, so that all policies complement and connect with each other, work accurately and form a joint force, so as to prevent policies from going their own ways and fighting each other, so that policies can play a greater role

propaganda should be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. All localities and departments should pay more attention to the policy publicity, constantly innovate the publicity form, create a strong atmosphere, let every cadre and worker master the policy, be familiar with the policy, implement the policy, send the policy to all enterprises and all service objects, and open up the last mile for the policy transmission

actions should be taken together. Party committees and governments at all levels should mobilize extensively, pool the wisdom and strength of all aspects, collect and sort out the difficulties and problems of enterprises, make lists, establish standing books, and deal with them by categories. In combination with special actions, we should further consolidate and improve the achievements of the construction of three single projects, accelerate the promotion of Internet + government services, and constantly improve the efficiency of administrative services

thus ensuring the measurement of the two-way friction force generated during the ball disk experiment and the reciprocating experiment

80 cost reduction and environmental protection policies

most of the 80 cost reduction and environmental protection policies issued by Jiangxi Province this time are based on the actual innovative measures of Jiangxi Province, making full use of the national policies to the greatest extent. It not only has high gold content and covers a wide range, but also fully reflects the characteristics of orientation, periodicity, accuracy and power. It quenches thirst in time and has strong pertinence, which has helped the enterprise

among them, there are 60 measures related to cost reduction, including the implementation of tax incentives and the reduction of enterprises' costs in the rapid development of this industry in the future, financing, employment, energy and land use, logistics, finance and so on:

new measures in terms of tax incentives, mainly including the full implementation of the pilot of replacing business tax with value-added tax, as well as the implementation of post production tax incentives for high-tech enterprises' income in injection molds, the addition and deduction of enterprise R & D fees Delaying the collection of taxes and fees for difficult enterprises can reduce the cost of enterprise taxes and fees by about 34billion yuan per year, of which changing business tax to value-added tax alone can directly reduce the burden of enterprises by 17billion yuan

to resolve the difficulty and high cost of financing, there are a total of 11 new measures this time, mainly including the establishment of an incentive mechanism linked to deposit and loan, the optimization of enterprise loan process, the implementation of equity crowdfunding financing pilot, etc., which can reduce the enterprise financing cost by 5.2 billion yuan per year

in terms of reasonably reducing enterprise labor costs, it will reduce the burden of enterprise social insurance fees, allow enterprises with operating difficulties to postpone the payment of social security fees, allow the pre tax deduction of enterprise staff education and training funds, allow technology to pay the personal income tax of talents by stages, and give job stabilization subsidies to qualified enterprises. Every year, it can reduce the labor cost of enterprises by 9.5 billion yuan

in line with the principle of giving way if possible and letting go if possible, all departments have come up with real gold and silver that are conducive to reducing the cost of enterprises and reform measures that are conducive to optimizing the development environment. It is preliminarily estimated that the burden of enterprises will be reduced by more than 50billion yuan each year, and the burden of enterprises will be greatly reduced, which fully reflects the strong determination of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to reduce costs and support entities

among the 80 new policies issued by Jiangxi Province this time, there are 20 new measures related to optimizing the development environment, most of which are targeted measures aimed at the more prominent problems and demands reflected by enterprises:

improve the efficiency of administrative services, promote the standardization of government services, increase the functions of municipal and county administrative service centers, improve public resource trading platforms, and standardize intermediary service behaviors; Improve the market supervision system, carry out comprehensive law enforcement system reform, strengthen intellectual property protection, strengthen anti-monopoly market supervision, and strengthen the construction of social credit system; Support enterprises to tap potential, accelerate the integration of enterprise industrialization and industrialization, promote the development of enterprise clusters, support the innovative development of enterprises, and reduce the burden on state-owned enterprises to run society; Create a good business environment, sort out the government's commitment to attracting investment, carry out special inspections in key areas, improve the rapid acceptance mechanism of enterprise complaints, and carry out the activities of enterprises and the masses to evaluate organs

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