Jiangsu, the hottest Province, began to levy sewag

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Jiangsu: the "pollution discharge index fee" will be levied

Jiangsu will carry out the pilot of paid use of chemical oxygen demand (COD) emission indicators in the Taihu Lake Basin and the pilot of paid use of sulfur dioxide emission indicators in the power industry. Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau, environmental protection department and Finance Department announced recently that the two trial management measures will be officially implemented from now on, and the sewage discharge index fee will be included in the financial budgets at all levels as a special fund for environmental protection. It is understood that the pilot scope of COD emission index fee is Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Danyang, all of which completely exceed our expected administrative regions; And Jurong City, Gaochun County, Lishui County Administrative Region pendulum pituitary U-shape; Inside, the vertical equipment of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and canals that have an impact on the water quality of Taihu Lake is smaller, and it is easier for the production and operation enterprises that directly discharge major water pollutants and occupy the discharge indicators in the areas where the water bodies such as the operation channel are located

the pilot industries are textile dyeing and finishing, chemical industry, papermaking, steel, electroplating, food manufacturing (monosodium glutamate and beer), and sewage treatment. Among them, the COD emission index fee of sewage treatment units is priced at 2600 yuan per ton per year, and 4500 yuan per ton per year for the other six industries

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