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National strategy: make Chinese cultural enterprises bigger and stronger

culture condenses history and culture expands the future. The booming cultural industry in China, from scratch, from small to large, in just a decade, what are the problems that are easy to occur in the formation of a fully automatic impact testing machine pendulum in the national economic system? How to solve a new industry, reaching a scale of 1.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 2.75% of GDP

in 2009, the State Council issued the "revitalization plan of cultural industry", which raised the development of cultural industry to the national strategy for the first time, and proposed to cultivate cultural industry into a strategic emerging industry to promote the transformation of economic development mode

cultural aircraft carrier set sail, expand industry and focus

Case: Jiangsu Phoenix publishing and Media Group originated from Jiangsu People's Publishing House established in 1953. It integrates the publishing, distribution and foreign trade of books, newspapers, electronic audio-visual, networking and other publications. It is a leading enterprise in China's publishing industry. Since the restructuring in 2007, the operating revenue of Phoenix Group has increased by more than 1 billion yuan every year, reaching 14.2 billion yuan in 2010, with total assets of nearly 20 billion yuan and net assets of more than 12.7 billion yuan. It has become the first enterprise in the publishing industry with assets, operating revenue and net assets of more than 10 billion yuan

cultural enterprises are the basis for the development of the cultural industry. Their scale and strength determine the overall quality and level of the development of the cultural industry. Ten years ago, when China joined the WTO, China's cultural enterprises were only small sampans, which could not compete with the internationally renowned cultural aircraft carrier: the export performance income of all our theatres could not compare with that of a Canadian circus; The export value of all our publishing enterprises is not equal to the German Bertelsmann group, the first choice of small and medium-sized waterproof membrane manufacturers; The overseas marketing revenue of all our media industries is not as good as that of Murdoch group. Since then, the Chinese have been deeply aware that only by occupying the market can they have a say; The greater the market share, the greater the international influence. Over the past decade, China's cultural system reform has strategically made it an urgent task to expand and strengthen cultural enterprises, striving to build a number of powerful, dynamic and competitive cultural enterprises. Tactically, we have actively promoted the listing and financing of cultural enterprises with mature conditions, encouraged mergers and acquisitions, and formed a number of backbone forces in the cultural industry. China's cultural aircraft carrier has taken shape, and began to set sail:

26 cultural enterprises have been listed in the A-share market and H-share market, and achieved a financing amount of 10.4 billion yuan in 2010 alone

46 performing arts enterprise groups have been established throughout the country, and regional leading performing arts enterprises are growing

in 2010, 120 publishing groups approved to be established nationwide, with total assets of 323.42 billion yuan and main business income of 178.58 billion yuan, accounting for 73.5% and 53.8% respectively in the field of book, newspaper and publication publishing and publication distribution. The status and role of industry leaders have initially emerged

there are a number of double 10 billion yuan large cultural enterprises with total assets and total sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan. In 2011, they were selected as the top 30 cultural enterprises in the third session. Their average main business income, pre tax profit and net assets have doubled compared with the first session.

today, China has reached a consensus that cultural industry is a sunrise industry and a green industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, cultural industry will be promoted to become a pillar industry, accounting for more than 5% of GDP

cultural consumption power, a new fulcrum of transformation mode

case: Hangzhou Songcheng, a private leisure tourism and cultural enterprise, was the first to enjoy the timely rain of national financial support for the cultural industry. In 2010, it successfully landed on the gem as the first share of tourism performance, raising 2billion yuan. Since then, the small garden has become a big culture, and the model of theme park plus performance has been copied from Hangzhou to Wuyi Mountain, Mount Tai and other scenic spots. At present, the large-scale song and dance song City eternal love has performed more than 12000 times, received 28million audiences, and the main revenue of the performance in 2010 was 445million yuan

the Past National Day golden week once again showed people the blowout of cultural tourism. The country received 302 million tourists with great development value, an increase of 18.8% over the same period last year; Tourism revenue reached 145.8 billion yuan, an increase of 25.1% over the same period last year

culture promotes tourism and tourism spreads culture. The integrated development of cultural industry and tourism industry complements each other and produces huge social and economic benefits. A series of large-scale cultural performances, from the impression of Liusanjie in Guilin to the Shaolin music ceremony of Songshan Zen in Henan, from the legend of Kung Fu in Beijing to the journey of time and space in Shanghai, have reflected the market value in the combination with the tourism market. The World Tourism Organization predicts that by 2020, China will become the world's first tourism destination and the fourth largest source market

cultural consumption represented by tourism has begun to exert its power and become a new fulcrum to start domestic demand. Now, China's per capita GDP has reached 4200 US dollars, and residents' consumption is changing from subsistence and food and clothing to well-off. Here is a "operating room" and enjoyment type of scrapped cars. The strong demand for cultural consumption will stimulate a new round of development of the cultural industry

for a long time, investment and export have been the driving forces of the troika driving the economy for more than 30 years. By contrast, consumption always seems to be half a beat slower. According to international experience, China's annual cultural consumption can reach 4trillion yuan, but the actual consumption is less than 1trillion yuan. The huge potential of cultural consumption and industrial development space need to be tapped. The cultural industry will become an important driving force for the transformation of economic development mode and economic structure adjustment

cultural formats are diverse and occupy the commanding height of development

case: the promotional film of the mascots of the 2012 London Olympic Games is from the scroll image of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games throughout the whole venue of the China Crystal Corporation to the "Qingming Riverside map" of the China Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo. With exquisite creativity, crystal corporation makes the perfect integration of culture and technology, bringing huge visual impact to the audience, This innovative way of exhibition and broadcasting across time and space has also enabled the crystal stone company to earn nearly 100 million yuan

modern science and technology has profoundly changed the mode of production, communication and consumption of culture, and also endowed the cultural industry with new connotation, new functions and new forms, providing a strong late developing advantage for the development of the cultural industry

in recent years, China's cultural industry has developed rapidly. The total output value of the digital publishing industry increased from 20billion yuan in 2006 to 90billion yuan in 2010, with an average annual growth rate of more than 45%; In 2010, the export scale of domestic game products increased by 116% over 2009; The "Three Integrations" have been substantially promoted. The state has specially established a coordination group for the "Three Integrations", and has determined the overall plan and pilot plan for the "Three Integrations" and the new formats of cultural industries in 12 pilot cities. They have natural sensitivity and advantages in using the latest scientific and technological achievements to develop culture and promote cultural and scientific and technological innovation, adapt to the new trend of contemporary scientific and technological development, and will seize the commanding heights of cultural development, Form new cultural creativity and competitiveness

similarly, when cultural creativity is integrated into traditional industries, it can not only make traditional industries shine again, but also make Chinese manufacturing and processing industries promising

experts pointed out that after more than 30 years of development, China's status as a major manufacturing country has been preliminarily established, and the output of more than 200 kinds of industrial products ranks first in the world. However, to transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, we need to improve both scientific and technological innovation and cultural creativity. Implanting national cultural genes will improve the cultural content and added value of material products, and open up a new way and a new realm of development for adjusting the structure and accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development

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