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National top robot competition helps Yongzhou Industrial Development

opening ceremony

Red moment Yongzhou, October 20 (Wang Yonghong) on October 19, the 2018 "cheetah car" cup's first Chinese youth artificial intelligence robot competition and the Ninth Asian robot Championship vex China trial kicked off in Yongzhou, a famous historical and cultural city known as "beautiful Xiaoxiang". As the highest level vex robot competition in the mainland, the vex China trial of the Asian robot championship has been successfully held in China for eight times. This year, with an open, inclusive, shared and mutually beneficial vision, integrates skill competition, popular science education, academic exchange and industrial development, focuses on the latest achievements in the innovation and development of "artificial intelligence + robot", and has robot competitions The forum and robot Carnival Game interaction and other major content modules can be called a wonderful science and technology event and a humanistic event of harmonious friendship

from October 20 to 21, more than 400 excellent teams from universities, middle schools and primary schools selected from 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in East China, West China, South China and North China, with a total of more than 2000 student players, competed fiercely for the special evaluation awards and the first, second and third place of each event. Among them, the team that wins the vex EDR engineering challenge and vex IQ Challenge will be qualified to participate in the American vex robot world championship this season

Yongzhou City, as the host of this competition, is precisely because the competition is very suitable for Yongzhou's regional conditions and, for example, glass wool materials cannot achieve these development positioning. Yongzhou is located at the intersection of Xiaoxiang River and Xiangjiang River in the south of Hunan Province and the junction of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. It is an important gateway for Hunan to connect Guangdong, Guangxi and ASEAN. Yongzhou, with the strength of the whole city and the wisdom of the society, will run this grand event well, which will add new impetus to the implementation of the strategy of "innovation leading, opening up and rising", accelerate the construction of "a new highland of innovation and opening up, a new Yongzhou with quality and vitality", promote the popularization and attention of scientific and technological innovation education in the whole society, and improve the scientific and technological innovation literacy of young people, It will play a positive leading role and a strong "radiation effect" in promoting the rapid development of the education of Yongzhou and even Hunan robots with the maximum test frequency of 5 Hz, the construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms, and accelerating the pace of scientific and technological innovation, so as to enhance the foundation and supporting capacity of intelligent manufacturing development, with a view to achieving the goal of "holding a competition, building a platform, and building an industry", Boost Yongzhou to vigorously develop intelligent technology industry and industrial transformation and upgrading, and comprehensively enhance Yongzhou's reputation and influence

in recent years, with the transfer of electronic information industry in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, the electronic information industry in Yongzhou has developed rapidly and maintained rapid growth, and the industrial scale has been expanding. As of 2018, the number of large-scale electronic information manufacturing enterprises in the city has increased to 103, and has basically formed four embryonic electronic information industry chains: flat panel display, high-end electronic components, integrated circuits, and liquid crystal display. Stepping motor series products are in a leading position in China; LCD panel is in the leading level in the industry; Smart, intelligent air purifiers, smart sockets, LED lighting and other products are entering the fast lane of production. In addition, the foundation of Yongzhou advanced equipment manufacturing industry has created better conditions for the development of intelligent manufacturing. At present, there are 62 large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises in the city, including 9 automobile manufacturing enterprises dominated by cheetah automobile and 26 other large-scale industrial enterprises, with an output value of more than 100 million yuan. Focusing on intelligent manufacturing, it has great potential. At the same time, the city has implemented the provincial "311 project" (organizing the research and development of 30 major key common technologies, developing 1 bolt ball joint steel grid weld ultrasonic flaw detection and quality classification method jg/t 3034.2 ⑴ 99600 key new products, and promoting the industrialization of 100 key patent achievements), scientific and technological innovation, quality improvement and growth, and high-tech enterprises are increasing and strengthening. This month, four projects in the city entered the 100 major product innovation projects in the province, "cage can be divided into low-frequency fatigue testing machine, medium frequency fatigue testing machine, high-frequency fatigue testing machine and ultra-high frequency fatigue testing machine according to the experimental frequency", and three projects entered the 100 major scientific and technological innovation projects "cage" in the province, applying for 1812 patents, with a year-on-year increase of 36.75%. 39 enterprises applied for the first batch of high-tech enterprises this year, and 35 were included in the publicity. The city will give full play to the guiding role of the provincial special fund for technological innovation, encourage enterprises to continue to increase R & D investment, continuously develop new products, new processes and new technologies, cultivate and master a number of key technologies, core technologies and cutting-edge technologies, and provide solutions and technical support for the improvement of the informatization level and integrated development of other industries

it can be seen that under the atmosphere of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry having basic advantages, the accelerated development of the electronic information industry, and the continuous synchronous enhancement of the awareness and ability of scientific and technological innovation, the holding of this high-specification intelligent robot competition in Yongzhou is conducive to further expanding investment attraction, further encouraging scientific and technological innovation, further guiding enterprises to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, and strengthening industry university research cooperation between famous universities inside and outside the province, Enhance the ability of innovation and promote the development of a new generation of information technology industry by relying on industrial platforms such as the national software industry base, the national integrated circuit design industrialization base, and the national electronic information industry base; It is conducive to the informatization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing enterprises, and then accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading and the development of emerging industries

wisdom surges into Xiaoxiang, creating the future. It can be expected that the 2018 "cheetah Auto" cup 1st China Youth AI competition and the 9th Asian robot Championship vex China trial, with cutting-edge technology and AI as its high value, will be a vivid force for Yongzhou related industries, enterprises' independent innovation and scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of development momentum, and drive the development of intelligent technology industry and industrial transformation and upgrading

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