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The national steam flowmeter product quality inspection center passed the on-site acceptance

from October 26 to 28, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China organized four experts to mention many of his opinions on the national steam flowmeter prepared by Fujian Academy of metrology, and the product quality supervision and Inspection Center conducted the on-site acceptance of capacity-building. Zhang Yuanrong, chief engineer of Fujian Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, attended the first meeting and asked the provincial Metrology Institute to accept the review of the expert group in strict accordance with the provisions of the General Administration of Metrology on the acceptance of quality inspection centers

the acceptance expert group conducted a comprehensive Acceptance Review of the center from the aspects of technical ability, team building, scientific research ability, operation status, influence and authority. 3D plastic printer will be the fastest-growing plastic processing equipment, local government support and so on

the expert group fully affirmed the work of the center after surface modification, and believed that the center has obvious technical capabilities, advanced testing equipment, and good results in scientific research and talent team construction. The local government has fully implemented the commitments, completed the preparatory task of the National Center, and the capacity construction has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level. The expert group unanimously agreed to recommend passing the acceptance, and determined that the center level was level B

at the final meeting, ye Huasheng, deputy inspector of Fujian Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, on behalf of the preparatory unit, sincerely thanked the expert group for its rigorous attitude and hard work, and said that he would support Fujian Institute of metrology to continuously improve the construction of the quality inspection center, actively strive for continuous support from the government, further improve its comprehensive capacity, and better provide technical services for the development of local and even national related industries

the experts of the acceptance group believe that the research results of the national steam flowmeter product quality inspection center have reached the domestic advanced level. In order to promote the transformation and promotion of the achievements of domestic testing instruments and equipment, and pay attention to the beam zigzag experiment, the use of extensometer for experiment and the maintenance of equipment, sufficient spare area should be left around the experimental machine. Domestic instruments and equipment should develop rapidly and healthily, and enhance the independent innovation ability of domestic instrument and equipment production enterprises, It is of far-reaching significance to improve the application and quality of domestic scientific instruments

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