Can the hottest block chain work together with AI

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Can blockchain and AI "work together"

in terms of technical characteristics, blockchain and AI are very complementary and complementary. Image source: Chinese software

has no blockchain, and AI is like building a house on the sand; With blockchain, it is equivalent to building tall buildings on reinforced concrete foundation. Blockchain has laid a credible, reliable, available and efficient data foundation for artificial intelligence

Li Yuan has been unable to tell which of the numerous blockchain forums she participated in this year is the summit forum with the theme of building an ecosystem through value interconnection. She told China Science Daily that although the quality of the meeting content was uneven and somewhat wasted the time of the participants, as an investor, she still didn't want to miss any of these possible investment opportunities

it is said that blockchain is the next interconnection, and there may be unicorns lurking in it. Li Yuan, one of the 3D printing and sensors related to the third industrial revolution, joked for the first time. This time, blockchain + AI attracted her

what sparks can artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain group CP (pairing) create? How is AI built on blockchain? Is the combination of AI and blockchain a disruptive technology? How? The problem Li Yuan wants to know is the recent research project of Yuan Yong, an associate researcher at the Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

form autonomous agents

keyword analysis shows that in 2017, artificial intelligence was the hottest technology, and blockchain ranked fourth. A few months later, in 2018, blockchain ranked first and AI ranked second. The analysis results provided by Yuan Yong are clearly visible in the data comparison chart, and in a cloud chart formed by the current technical hot word analysis, the three big words of blockchain occupy the most prominent position

in terms of technical characteristics, these two technologies are very complementary and complementary. Yuan Yong said that AI is a kind of research that tends to be centralized. From alphago in 2016 to supercomputing and deep learning now, including some new AI algorithm modes, they are actually realized through a large number of calculations, which are centralized intelligence

corresponding to centralized intelligence is decentralized distributed intelligence. After the emergence of Internet, there are distributed intelligent forms such as human flesh search and crowdsourcing. However, these forms have not further become more mature social intelligence with the in-depth development of interconnection, thus producing social and economic benefits with greater influence. In Yuan Yong's view, this is because there is no incentive mechanism for human flesh search. It is unsustainable that people search by virtue of feelings, curiosity or other spontaneous organizational mechanisms

the technical characteristics of blockchain are distributed and decentralized, autonomy and automation, organization and order. Yuan Yong said that the most important feature of blockchain is decentralized autonomy. Its P2P groups, distributed consensus collaboration and contribution based economic incentives are natural modeling of distributed autonomous social systems. Each node in the blockchain system will act as an autonomous and autonomous assumption in the distributed system, and will be a non-standard sample agent

yuan Yong showed a timeline marking technological changes, from left to right: heuristic intelligence, logical intelligence, computational intelligence, network intelligence, centralized intelligence, distributed intelligence. Through the timeline, there are also technical forms corresponding to different intelligent stages: mainframe, PC, client/server, interconnection, cloud computing/supercomputing, blockchain. In the evolution of computing mode, although distributed intelligence is listed behind centralized intelligence in time order, he explained that this does not mean that distributed intelligence will replace artificial intelligence, but coexist with artificial intelligence, integrate with each other and develop together for a long time

yuan Yong bluntly said that the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence will produce many sparks, and even ignite a raging fire. The biggest spark will indicate the resurgence of distributed artificial intelligence

achieve bottom-up control

Kevin Kelly, known as the spokesperson of network culture, once predicted in his book out of control: the ultimate destiny and outcome of all mankind that the development trend of the future world is decentralization and bottom-up control. Blockchain + AI organization may be turning it into reality

the early distributed AI researcher said that he should focus on top-down distributed problem solving. His goal is to create large-scale intelligent collaborative groups, which work together to solve a problem. Yuan Yong said that the later research was a bottom-up distributed multi-agent system, but it lacked a landing scenario

the emergence of blockchain just happens that cold rolling is to further thin the steel plate to the target thickness under the recrystallization temperature at room temperature, which fills this gap. Yuan Yong said that blockchain driven distributed artificial intelligence will become a truly bottom-up emerging intelligence. He said that the operation mode of blockchain + AI is decentralized decision consensus and decentralized algorithm consensus based on agent negotiation, coordination and cooperation, and its management rules are real smart contracts

liaohongquan is the CTO of a large Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and the president of its intelligent manufacturing research institute. In an interview with China Science Daily, he said he was optimistic about the future of blockchain + artificial intelligence

AI reconstructs productivity and blockchain reconstructs production relations. Blockchain provides decentralized infrastructure for the implementation of AI inclusive, while ensuring the security of data. Blockchain is the cornerstone of AI inclusion in a digital society. Liaohongquan said

Du Daodong, a senior Internet engineer who ridiculed himself as a coin circle leek, also agreed with the integration orientation of this group of CPS. He told China Science Daily that blockchain can solve the problem of credibility of data and commodities, and artificial intelligence can solve the problem of efficiency. The combination of the two will have great application potential

among them, the traditional production and consumption mode will reconstruct the business form through the interaction between artificial intelligence and blockchain. Blockchain is responsible for providing reliable data records, and AI uses algorithms to analyze data. Du Daodong described that in the whole process of commodity production and consumption, the data from production to consumption are recorded in the blockchain, so that commodities can be identified and traced, and then the artificial intelligence algorithm is used to analyze the data of each stage, and the bottlenecks of each stage can be seen

even mining, which is well-known at present, will form different ecosystems with the blessing of artificial intelligence. Yuan Yong said that artificial intelligence will turn the current relatively mechanized static and predefined program rules into an agent with autonomy, autonomy, responsiveness, adaptability and sociality

through the asymmetric encryption mechanism of blockchain, if AI in the medical industry is built on blockchain, it can benefit data owners (patients), data holders (hospitals), analysis and development users and other parties. Liao Hongquan added with further examples

yuan Yong made an analogy. Without blockchain, AI is like building a house on the sand; With blockchain, it is equivalent to building tall buildings on reinforced concrete foundation. Blockchain has laid a credible, reliable, available and efficient data foundation for artificial intelligence

technology promotion and practical verification are still needed.

earlier, Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in an interview that blockchain needs technology promotion and time verification to become an infrastructure for value interconnection. Many industry insiders told that, in terms of current development, it will also take time to realize the application of blockchain + artificial intelligence

due to the maturity of the technology itself, the operation of blockchain is not so efficient at this stage. However, Yuan Yong believes that in the future, the large-scale application of blockchain will significantly improve the operation efficiency of society

at present, the most popular application of blockchain is coin issuance, which is necessary and can play an incentive role. However, if only issuing money does not solve the practical problems in people's lives, it will certainly disappear and return to zero. Du Daodong said that, unlike this, the development of artificial intelligence is relatively healthy and its application is more and more extensive. The combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence will achieve better development if it is used to solve practical problems in people's lives

Du Daodong believes that blockchain and artificial intelligence are still developing underlying platforms. Without the support of general platforms, it is not the era of upper applications. Unlike Internet, there are already super applications such as Google search, Facebook, Taobao and so on. But he also said that their development speed is still very fast

when will it land? Any new technology has a growth process from germination to explosive growth, then to decline to foam burst, and then return to steady growth. Liaohongquan described his estimated schedule, which will enter a steady development in 2020 and produce substantial progress and benefits

in the past two years, AI and blockchain have been described as subversive for many times. Is it more subversive for AI and blockchain to work together

non subversion is the result of the natural evolution of technology. Yuan Yong finally said. (Li Yuan is an alias in the text)

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