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The National Symposium on new technology of flexible plastic packaging materials was held in Beijing in September. The China Packaging Technology Association will hold the 2003 National Symposium on new technology of flexible plastic packaging materials in Beijing on September

the conference invited famous manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Compton, Exxon, Wuhan Zhongde and Beijing duchen, to give a series of lectures, exchanges and discussions on their new equipment, new technology and new materials that are distinguished by software

the main contents of the meeting are: how to choose the current situation of soft plastic packaging materials at home and abroad? Development trend, the latest development technology and trend of coated composite film, how to improve the quality and types of flexible packaging film, the application of additives in the production of high-quality flexible packaging film, such as hair wax, lotion, cream and foam hairdressing products, etc., are rich in content

the holding of this seminar will build a good information and exchange platform for domestic soft plastic production enterprises and packaging enterprises to understand the latest information in the industry and expand business development. It will have a positive impact on accelerating the progress of flexible plastic packaging and improving the overall level of China's flexible plastic packaging industry

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