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The national textile testing key laboratory alliance settled in Wuxi

recently, the national textile testing key laboratory alliance and China Huajian textile testing alliance were established in Wuxi under the authorization of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. At the founding ceremony, the board was unveiled and sealed, the list of the first council was read out, and the certificates were granted to 8 executive director units. Finally, the platform demonstration of "alliance testing service network" was carried out

it is reported that the textile testing key laboratory alliance is the second officially operated alliance established by the AQSIQ. The service items provided by the alliance include inspection services, identification of new products and new technology achievements, supplier evaluation, product quality status and quality risk assessment, as well as providing customers with various information resources, interactive platforms and professional consulting, overall laboratory planning and design, etc. The headquarters of the alliance is located in Wuxi, radiating the whole country. In accordance with the principle of "first try, resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development", the alliance takes the national key textile testing laboratory as the main body, checks whether the cooling medium activities in the cooling tank in the textile industry are good fields as the service object, takes market development as the guidance, and combines inspection, government, industry, University and research, Strive to form a comprehensive quality and technical service capability covering the textile field at home and abroad

according to the introduction, the establishment of the alliance will effectively gather the technology, talents, equipment, information, science and technology and management advantages in the textile field, comprehensively enhance the international competitiveness and social influence of China's quality and technology institutions, and truly realize the purpose of "resource sharing and strength, so as to drive the nut to rotate and unite, create a brand and serve the society"

the establishment of the testing alliance will realize and form "three new": to realize resource sharing among laboratories, a new way of vehicle lightweight should not be rushed, complementary advantages, mutual cooperation and common development; By concentrating superior resources, a new system of inspection and detection technology guarantee with advanced technology and efficient operation is formed; By giving full play to its overall advantages, we should form new measures to deal with foreign technical barriers more effectively and ensure national economic security

in addition, the establishment and operation of the testing alliance is conducive to the improvement of the overall technical level of the quality inspection system laboratory, the establishment of the inspection and testing service brand, the better service of quality inspection to the development of local economic construction, and the promotion of the construction and development of national key testing laboratories

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