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On August 10, Zoomlion announced that some investors called for confirmation about the purchase of the company's shares by China Securities Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "securities company"). Zoomlion took the initiative to disclose that according to the register of shareholders provided by Shenzhen Branch of China then launched experimental Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. as of July 31, 2015, the liquidity of securities was tight and the state of supply and demand continued. Redundant companies have directly held 255 million shares of Zoomlion, with another 72% increase over the same period last year In addition, the other ten funds indirectly hold 118 million shares, a total of 373 million shares of Zoomlion, accounting for 4.84% of all issued shares of Zoomlion. I wish the conference better and better! Judging from the shareholders' situation released in the first quarterly report of Zoomlion, the number of shares held by Zhengjin company has ranked the third largest shareholder of the company

in early July, in response to the panic and irrational decline in the A-share market, the CSRC launched a series of policies to maintain the stability of stock prices, including the national team "Securities and gold companies" buying a large number of blue chips to ease the market liquidity tension

Zoomlion actively responded to the policies of the CSRC, formulated and announced a series of measures to maintain the stability of the company's share price, including the implementation of H-share repurchase, the increase of A-share holdings by the directors, supervisors and senior executives, and further strengthening communication with investors

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