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The national textile industry transfer work conference was held in Zhengzhou. 1. Functional characteristics of steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine

from November 12 to 13, the Ministry of industry and information technology held the national textile industry transfer work conference in Zhengzhou. More than 200 representatives from the competent departments of industry and information technology, industry associations, national key textile enterprises and industrial parks of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government attended the meeting

Shi Jichun, vice governor of Henan Province, delivered a welcome speech, introducing the development of textile industry in Henan Province. In 2009, Henan Province issued the "Henan textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan", and compiled the "recent upgrading plan of textile and clothing industry" according to the plan. The textile industry in Henan Province accounts for 4.5% of the added value of industries above Designated Size in the province, but at the same time, it has also accumulated some structural contradictions, mainly manifested in the short industrial chain, low-grade products, and the lack of well-known brands and leading enterprises. Shi Jichun proposed that it has become a top priority to promote the optimization and upgrading of the textile industry in Henan Province with the focus on industrial transfer. Henan will take this national textile industry transfer work conference as an opportunity to give full play to its advantages in industrial foundation, human resources, location and market, improve relevant support policies to promote the transfer of textile industry, further strengthen exchanges and communication with industrial transfer regions and enterprises, encourage the adoption of non local investment and tax sharing, non local trusteeship and cooperation, and accelerate industrial chain transfer and plate undertaking, Make up for the weak links in the industrial chain, build industrial clusters, improve the product level: second, build Henan into an important textile industry base in the country

zhuhongren, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, stressed at the meeting that first, we should recognize the situation. For example, HRB500 means that the yield strength of hot-rolled ribbed reinforcement is 500MPa, and the textile industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Although the current textile industry is running well, problems such as the sharp rise in the price of raw materials such as cotton and the appreciation of the RMB have seriously affected the healthy development of the industry, and the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry is arduous and urgent. Second, we should raise awareness and promote industrial transformation and upgrading with industrial transfer. This paper expounds the significance of actively promoting the transfer of textile industry at present and in the future from the aspects of the history of world industrial development, the needs of China's economic and social development, and the development trend of textile industry. Third, we should seize the opportunity to actively promote the scientific and orderly transfer of the textile industry. Local competent departments of industry and information technology should do a good job in adhering to scientific planning, strengthening basic work, innovating work ideas, and strengthening overall coordination

Du Yuzhou, President of China Textile Industry Association, said that the "12th Five Year Plan" is a very important and critical period for the textile industry to change from big to strong. The "12th Five Year Plan" proposed by the central government has planned the development direction of manufacturing industry from big to strong. "Suggestions" put the consumer goods industry in a prominent position in the planning for the first time; In terms of productivity structure, it is proposed to "support the technological transformation of enterprises and enhance the ability of new product development and brand creation"; In terms of organizational structure, "reasonably guide enterprise mergers and acquisitions, improve industrial concentration" and "promote the optimization of enterprise organizational structure"; Clarify two key points, one is to "develop large and medium-sized enterprises with internationally renowned brands and core competitiveness", and the other is to "improve the level of specialization and cooperation of small enterprises". In the implementation of the overall regional strategy, we should build a regional economic complementary, clear positioning of main functions, efficient use of land and space, and harmonious development between man and nature ". We should give priority to the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy in the overall regional strategy and give special policy support, comprehensively revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China, give full play to its strong industrial advantages, vigorously promote the rise of central China, give full play to the advantages of connecting the East and opening the West, actively support the eastern region to take the lead in development, play a supporting role in the national economic development, and take the lead in the country since January. It is required to strengthen and improve the mechanism of cross regional cooperation, implement the policy of regional mutual assistance, and carry out various forms of counterpart support. These overall strategies are of great guiding significance for the textile industry to strive to realize the transformation from big to strong in the next five to ten years and "continue to play the role of traditional pillar industries, important livelihood industries and industries with obvious international competitive advantages"

Wang Liming, director of the consumer goods department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, stressed the importance of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry and orderly transfer, and put forward his opinions on the key work of the consumer goods industry in 2011. Wang Wei, deputy director of the Department of consumer goods industry, interpreted the background, main contents, policies and measures of the guiding opinions on promoting the transfer of the textile industry

responsible comrades of the competent industrial departments in Henan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other places introduced the experience of the transfer of textile industry and the development of characteristic textile industry in this region. Representatives of some key industrial parks and backbone enterprises introduced their understanding and experience of industrial transfer in combination with the actual situation of this region

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