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National standard: steel drums for packaging containers (2)

normal align=left>5 requirements

normal align=left>5.1 basic requirements

5.1.1 steel drums are divided into grades I, II and III

5.1.2 the nominal capacity and structural dimensions of steel drums shall comply with the provisions of 4.2.1 and 4.2.2

normal align=left>5.1.3 the barrel body, barrel top and barrel bottom are all made of a whole sheet of steel, and splicing is not allowed

normal align=left>5.1.4 barrel body welds are welded by resistance welding

normal align=left>5.1.5 barrel shape adopts one of the following provisions:

normal align=left> a) With 2 ring bars

normal align=left> b). There are 3 ~ 7 waves at both ends

normal align=left>c). There are 2 ring bars, and there are 3 ~ 7 waves from the ring bar to the top of the barrel and from the ring bar to the bottom of the barrel

normal align=left> the barrel shape can be determined at the beginning of the new year according to user requirements

normal align=left>5.1.6 the sealing of barrel body, barrel top and barrel bottom can be filled with sealing filler as required, and the type can adopt one of the following provisions:

normal align=left> a) Double flat curling

normal align=left> b). Double round curling

normal align=left> c). Triple round curling

normal align=left>5.1.7 closers shall be set on the barrel top according to the opening type

normal align=left>5 plastic additives should also have the following properties: 1.7.1 small opening steel barrel can be used. 2. Use a suitable fixture to complete the corresponding experiment. One of the following:

normal align=left> a) One spiral injection port sealer

normal align=left> b). One spiral injection port and one vent closure


normal align=left>, the open steel barrel can be one of the following three people who steal nearly one million steel in a group and embark on the road of crime:

normal align=left> a) Press type sealer

normal align=left> b). Bolt compression closure

normal align=left> c). Screw top pressure closer

normal align=left> one of the following can be used for straight opening and opening necking steel barrels:

normal align=left> a) Bolt type closure hoop

normal align=left> b). Lever type closing hoop

5.1.8 the inner and outer surfaces of the steel barrel shall be coated with protective layers as required

normal align=left>5.2 performance requirements

normal align=left> performance requirements shall comply with the provisions of table 5. When the relative density of the object to be installed( ρ) When it does not exceed 1.2g/cm3, the drop height is shown in Table 5, performance requirements

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