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Can business intelligence be "civilian"

when browsing the website not long ago, I saw that some manufacturers were promoting the concept of "civilian" Application of business intelligence, trying to pull the always high Bi software down from the throne of aristocracy. And as performance components, whether the price of lead screw and lead nut is "civilian" or not, if it can really solve the deep-seated problems in user management, effectively help users clarify their ideas in the decision-making process, and achieve the continuous improvement of economic benefits, then the "civilian" of business intelligence will be a milestone for the development of China's software industry

at the 2005 China business intelligence application annual conference, Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Co., Ltd. offered an opportunity to show that graphene has many amazing performance businesses. Takaro Ando, deputy director of the data core technology department of the Department, said that at present, many domestic manufacturers sell Bi software, which often makes users not only spend money, but also difficult to enjoy its "blessing". He believes that "Bi software is at the forefront of the current software application field. Manufacturers should not only undertake the task of selling products and pursuing profits, but also fulfill the obligation of disseminating advanced management concepts". In other words, the "civilian" Application of business intelligence should not only be a tool for price war between manufacturers, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprise market. Manufacturers should also take the responsibility of correctly guiding the market and users. For example, many manufacturers now sell tools that can only realize the function of report printing as business intelligence software, which is an honest behavior, which not only misleads users, but also makes the market lose confidence in Bi. Therefore, for both manufacturers and users, a correct understanding of "civilian" applications will have a far-reaching impact on the future development of China's business intelligence market

relevant experts of CCID Consulting believe that the "populization" in the eyes of manufacturers should mainly focus on market cultivation and concept dissemination. The market needs education, especially for emerging technologies and concepts such as business intelligence. Both international and domestic manufacturers should timely summarize and sort out a set of methodologies for different levels of user needs, and disseminate and apply them. The author also believes that no application can be "exclusive for aristocrats", and so can business intelligence. What small and medium-sized enterprises need is to get benefits. Therefore, in the process of market cultivation, manufacturers should focus on breaking through the application of large enterprises, and lose no time to spread widely to the managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that the truly valuable business intelligence concept can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At present, a domestic manufacturer has involved the "civilian" application concept of Bi in its publicity and marketing, which is only a good start. Manufacturers still have more important and arduous work to do, that is, to make products that integrate advanced management concepts truly help those "civilian" enterprises achieve a qualitative leap in management

in fact, the "populization" in the eyes of users mainly focuses on the application level. Although business intelligence is still a relatively high-end software, it is not out of reach. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, managers should first think clearly about what benefits business intelligence can bring to the enterprise. Only by thinking clearly about this problem, it is possible to connect with the most suitable manufacturers and products. In other words, the application of business intelligence is relatively complex and cheap according to the variety. As long as the user needs are clear, coupled with the manufacturer's correct methodology and the guidance of management philosophy, I believe that a good BI application case will be generated

the correct understanding of "populization" is one of the important factors for whether business intelligence can finally achieve "populization". Whether for international manufacturers or domestic manufacturers, eager for quick success and instant benefit will cause a large loss of resources. Enterprises need models and solutions that are truly suitable for the local market. For China, a large country with 60million small and medium-sized enterprises, the "populization" of business intelligence is an inevitable choice. (end)

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