HIV diagnoses dropped by 24% during COVID pandemic

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HIV diagnoses dropped by 24% during COVID pandemic - report - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Every year, December 1 is observed as World AIDS Day across the globe to spread awareness about the disease and bring people together in the fight against HIVmedia and broadcasters..

While the world continues fighting the coronavirus pandemic and health systems struggle to deal with more cases and new variants, people suffering other diseases say they feel left behindtravel will sprea.

A recent UNAIDS report revealed that COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions have badly disrupted HIV testing around the worldconstruction.

In many countries, this has led to steep drops in HIV diagnosess premier advanced it as a preventive measure because COVID-19 cases had risen sharply ove, referrals to care servicesA man get some exercise at Ontario Place after a break during Sundayu2019s rain., and HIV treatment initiations.

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