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Feng Shui has been circulating in China for a long time. Although many people still think that Feng Shui is just a superstition, many people still believe in Feng Shui; Then, in Feng Shui, what are the stresses of Feng Shui in the decoration of unit buildings? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui of unit building decoration

how to look at Feng Shui of unit building decoration

first, look at the environment

Feng Shui of high-rise buildings. First, the environmental conditions around the high-rise building, the conditions of roads, rivers and artificial buildings around the front and back, are closely related to the feng shui of the whole high-rise building. If there is a river or a bend in the road surrounding the high-rise building, it is auspicious. If there is a river or a bend in the road towards the high-rise building, it is bad luck for the anti bow water. If the road or river rushes vertically, it is bad luck for the arrow. There are high buildings in the back, low and unlucky in the back, forced and unlucky in the front, open and beautiful in the front; It is usually auspicious for buildings on the left to be higher than those on the right. Buildings on the right are higher than those on the left, especially those with strange shapes. Tall buildings should not be built on the top of isolated mountains or on water bodies, not on the ridge of mountains and water bodies. It cannot be built under a cliff

generally speaking, the surrounding mountains and rivers are beautiful, the environment is neat and beautiful, there is no obvious evil shape, and the lighting and ventilation are good, which is a good environment and a treasure land of geomantic omen

second, look at the vertical direction

the second question related to the quality of high-rise Feng Shui is whether the vertical direction of high-rise buildings is reasonable. (guidaye Fengshui

there is an excellent external environment around, which is the fundamental condition for building a good fengshui of a Yangzhai. Whether these conditions can be reasonably used needs to be completed through legislation. The sand water nearby is fixed and cannot be moved. To use these sand water reasonably, only those that can be changed, as long as the sitting direction of the house. Sitting in different directions, the auspicious and ominous characteristics of the nearby sand water are completely different

third, it is an objective phenomenon to see whether it is in line with your destiny. No matter who lives in a Yangzhai with poor Feng Shui, it has no advantages. However, is it a good Yangzhai with good feng shui? Anyone can live in and enter it

Feng Shui in Yangzhai should choose a house that is beneficial to your physical and mental health, and a house with good feng shui is the right choice. I have seen the same mansion in person. The former resident lives in it and gets rich and promoted. The personnel are safe; In the case of people who continue to live and lose money after living in, the format of the house has not changed, and the main stove of the door has not changed. If it comes to Yuan Yun, the two residents live in the same yuan Yun. Clarify that there is also a problem of adjusting measures to individual conditions in the selection of Yangzhai

according to the philosophy of the book of changes, to adjust a person's five element error, we should use God around the four pillars to damage their surplus and make up for their deficiency, just as traditional Chinese medicine treats diseases, the heat is cool, the cold is warm, and the deficiency is filled. When the four pillars are used, their physical and mental health can be guaranteed

Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of unit buildings

1. See the kitchen and toilet at the entrance, and the house of return

all rooms must see the living room at the entrance. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family's luck will decline

2. The door is opposite the door and indulges in lust

the bedroom door cannot be directly opposite the door, otherwise it is easy to induce residents to indulge in lust

3. The living room is in the middle of the house. If the living room or living room is in the middle of the whole house, it is an auspicious sign, which can make the family prosperous

4. Irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens

if irregular houses are used as kitchens, they will affect the health of family members. Irregular houses can only be used as storage rooms

5. The top of the beam will affect the mood and health. The beam should not be pressed above the head of the bed, desk and dining table. It is unavoidable to design the ceiling to block it, otherwise it will affect the mood and health of the residents and hinder their career

6. Irregular houses should not be used as bedrooms. Irregular rooms cannot be used as the master bedroom of couples, otherwise it will lead to infertility after long marriage

7. It is difficult to sleep by pressing the mirror beside the bed

in addition to the fact that the bed cannot be directly facing the big mirror, if there are large dressing glasses on both sides of the bed, people will sleep uneasily, resulting in insomnia, dreams, etc

8. Don't decorate the bedroom with a wide range of colors

the colors of the bedroom should be simple, elegant and warm. Don't be too bright, and don't decorate it with a wide range of colors. Excessive luxury and glittering decorations are particularly inappropriate

9. The bathroom is opposite to the bed, beware of bad diseases

in the master bedroom, except that the bed cannot be directly opposite to the bathroom, the side is also unlucky, which is easy to cause people to suffer from serious diseases

10. Evergreen potted plants make good fortune

due to the improvement of life quality, in order to increase the indoor green, evergreen potted plants are good indoor decorations, but you must choose plants that are evergreen, have strong vitality, and are not easy to wither and fall leaves

What's the stress about Feng Shui in the decoration of unit buildings? 1. Reasonable setting of functional areas

a living unit includes functional areas such as living room, study, kitchen, bedroom (including master bedroom, child bedroom, elderly housing, guest room or servant bedroom), bathroom, storage room, and larger units include recreation room, gym, etc

in each functional area, the master room, children's room, study, kitchen and bathroom are the places that need to focus on layout and positioning. The master room, children's room, study and kitchen are the key points in the key points, which should be set in the way of generating wealth in the unit. The toilet should only be set in the bad side

2. The use of the porch

when there are arched ghosts, sky chopping ghosts, road rushing and other shape ghosts outside the balcony, they should be treated as ghosts

3. Treatment of staggered floors

now, many houses have staggered floors. There are good and bad staggered floors. How should we look at staggered floors

the general principle should be that the ground behind should be higher than the ground in front, not the opposite. The staggered floor has been built, and the unit with balcony door on only one side cannot be transformed. Only for units with balcony doors in the front and rear, it is possible to adjust them by changing the size of the front and rear balcony doors, that is, the balcony door on the low side of the ground is changed into the main door, and the balcony door on the high side of the ground is changed into a small door

4. Choice of decoration materials

in modern times, there are more and more chemical decoration materials and less and less natural materials. Although synthetic decoration materials have beautiful styles and low prices, most of them have the disadvantages of causing indoor environmental pollution

it is best to choose natural materials for indoor decoration, such as lime, glass, white cement, ceramic tiles, wood, gypsum board, plywood that meets environmental protection standards, biological paint (such as tung oil, raw paint) and other specialized materials. Use less plastic products, chemical paints and coatings. If the granite floor is laid, the high-quality granite that has passed the radioactivity test should be selected. It is not allowed to buy inferior products in order to save money

5. Use of color: five elements of color: Red belongs to fire, black belongs to water, green belongs to wood, yellow belongs to soil, and white belongs to gold

the main tone of interior decoration should be elegant and lively, not red and purple, should be appropriately matched with warm colors, and should not be configured with cold colors in a large area. Each room should be determined by God according to the eight characters of each family member

for high-rise units with glass walls or extra large glass windows, there is too much daylight. Cold colors and appropriate darker colors can be used during decoration to reduce the intensity of indoor scattered light. Rooms with poor lighting should be mainly white to enhance the intensity of indoor scattered light

if there is a lack of corner in the unit, it is best to make the five lines complete in color matching, that is, the five colors of red, yellow, green, black and white are basically complete

if the East lacks corners, you can consider decorating the walls of the East with trees, flowers and plants to supplement the atmosphere of the East

for those who lack corners in the south, red should be appropriately used on the wall near the south

if the West lacks horn, the west is matched with yellow and white

those who lack corners in the North should be equipped with black furniture. At least the skirting line should use black ceramic tiles. Those who lack horns in the northeast or southwest are matched with yellow. Red, green and yellow should use light colors, and it is not suitable to use too strong colors

in the selection of color, we should also pay attention to two points: first, the relationship between the main color and the Feng Shui pattern of the house, and the color cannot be matched with the Feng Shui pattern of the house. The second is to use the God according to the master's four pillars, and use the color that is beneficial to the God of the four pillars as the main tone

6. The shape of interior decoration. Interior decoration should be neat, generous, concise and beautiful. Sharp corners or skewed shapes are inappropriate, especially 1.8?? It is not advisable to install some prominent objects on the wall below meters, because it is neither beautiful nor safe. Chandeliers should not be installed in the bedroom. Even in the living room, large chandeliers with many spikes should not be used, especially on the downward side

indoor and outdoor circular decorations should be complete, and the design scheme of separating the circles is not desirable. This kind of object image is “ Broken mirror ”, It is very detrimental to marriage and family unity

among Feng Shui items, there are indeed some items that can adjust Feng Shui to a certain extent, such as concave convex mirror to block evil spirits, Tai Chi diagram, Wenchang tower, crystal, magnet, gourd, etc., which are reasonably used and conducive to people's physical and mental health. But its role is nothing compared with whether the external environment and internal layout are reasonable





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