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It's not difficult to find that since I first came into contact with decoration, I often found that it had already exceeded the original budget when calculating the cost later, but I still don't know where the overspending is. Therefore, Wuhan Decoration editor believes that it is really necessary to make a good quotation budget in the early stage. 95 square meters is similar to 100 square meters, belonging to the dividing line of small and medium-sized households, which is common in many residential areas. So do you know how much it costs to decorate 95 square meters in Wuhan? The following editor will list a detailed quotation for you. Let's have a look

[95 square meter decoration model room display]

[95 square meter latest decoration quotation]

specific analysis of quotation:

Project 1: Foundation Engineering

light brick wall (120 mm double-sided plastering) 2640.00

demolition of balcony wall outside the living room 400.00

demolition of brick wall (120 mm) 700.00

demolition of bay window 800.00

project 2: Waterway Circuit engineering

strong and weak current construction (lump sum price) 4900.00

waterway construction (lump sum price) 1550.00

project III: guest restaurant and aisle

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 1700.00

emulsion paint 510.00

common specification of floor tiles (500 × 500< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 1040.00

lintel paving 180.00

item 4: master bedroom

latex paint base treatment (putty) 1000.00

latex paint 300.00

wardrobe cabinet (ecological board) 1419.00

window cabinet 720.00

item 5: secondary bedroom

secondary bedroom 1:

latex paint base treatment (putty) 840.00

emulsion paint 252.00

wardrobe body (ecological board) 1419.00

window cabinet 720.00

secondary bedroom 2:

water pipe 280.00

latex paint base treatment (putty) 680.00

latex paint 204.00

wardrobe cabinet (ecological board) 1419.00

secondary bedroom 3:

wardrobe cabinet (ecological board) 1419.00

latex paint base treatment (putty) 540.00

. latex paint 162.00

item 6: toilet

toilet 1:

general specification of wall tiles (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1365.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 260.00

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 280.00

toilet waterproof treatment 810.00

lintel paving 25.00

toilet downpipe protection works 200.00

package downpipe 280.00

toilet 2:

wall tile general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1430.00

general specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 260.00

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 280.00

toilet waterproof treatment 800.00

door stone paving 25.00

toilet sewer protection project 200.00

package sewer 280.00

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