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In today's home furnishing industry, it is not easy for door and window enterprises to attract consumers' attention by relying on their own strength. Even if they try their best, they may not be able to do so

in today's home furnishing industry, it is not easy for door and window enterprises to attract consumers' attention by relying on their own strength. Even if they try their best, they may not be able to do so. So in many brands, how should door and window enterprises win the hearts of consumers and seize market share

clarify brand positioning: brand positioning is the core and concentrated expression of market positioning. Its dimensions include: market positioning, price positioning, image positioning, geographical positioning, crowd positioning, channel positioning, etc. Once the enterprise has selected the target market, it should design and shape its own corresponding products, brands and corporate image to win the recognition of target consumers. As the saying goes: without brand positioning, manufacturers are hard to live. For door and window products, brand building is very important, which directly affects the business status of door and window enterprises. Every door and window enterprise needs to have a main direction. No enterprise can provide all products or services for all customers in the market, but can only choose the advantageous market segments according to its own specific conditions. Otherwise, it will give consideration to everything, fail everywhere, and be in a passive position

innovative product technology and promotion mode: creativity refers to a new abstract thinking and behavioral potential derived from the understanding and cognition of real things. For the time being, Xiaobian divides "creativity" into technological innovation and communication innovation. For technological innovation, it is mainly aimed at the different needs of different consumers. Door and window enterprises need to develop and produce new door and window products in order to win a larger market share. As for the innovation in communication, it is to promote door and window products, giving people a sense of novelty, surprise, shock and effectiveness, and leaving a deep impression in the hearts of consumers

insight into the real needs of consumers: consumer insight is to discover the real needs and preferences of consumers and apply them to the marketing practice of enterprises. It is an effective way to discover new market opportunities and find new strategies and tactics, so as to improve marketing effectiveness and get rid of hand-in-hand market competition. "Insight" is not only for the senior management of the enterprise, but also for the regional market and even the front line of sales. Nowadays, there are many products in the door and window market, but the homogenization phenomenon is serious. No matter in the function or appearance of doors and windows, the practices of large and small enterprises are always the same. If door and window enterprises can gain insight into the real needs of consumers, find market opportunities, and then take effective market actions, they will reap a lot

do a good job in brand operation and maintenance: brand operation is a series of comprehensive planning work done by enterprises with brand as the core. It is a complex system engineering. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the competition between door and window enterprises is increasingly manifested in brand competition. Whether an enterprise can cultivate its own well-known brands will directly determine the competitiveness of an enterprise in the market. In this era of rapid development of the Internet, the operation and maintenance of door and window enterprises are mainly manifested in the operation and maintenance of wechat, Weibo and official websites. In Xiaobian's view, brand maintenance is an important work in the implementation of brand strategy. It should not only promote the products, but also consider the user experience

create a good brand communication channel: brand communication is that enterprises take the core value of the brand as the principle, and under the overall framework of brand recognition, choose advertising, public relations, sales, interpersonal and other communication methods to promote specific brands, so as to establish brand image and promote market sales. Nowadays, it is no longer the era of "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley". No matter how good the product is, it also needs to rely on shouting. In the door and window industry, there are many ways of brand communication: TV naming, public welfare education, terminal experience, wechat marketing, exhibition marketing and so on. To some extent, brand promotion is as important as product or service quality. It has to be said that in an era of information explosion and product oversupply, the essence of marketing has evolved into how to convey the information of enterprises and brands, and how to successfully persuade the target object, so as to achieve the final purchase of consumption

the development of door and window brands must be based on a sound marketing plan. Only with a set of well-established brand strategies can we help the brand become mature and successful





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