Winner of the 28th PCB technical leadership award

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The winners of mentor's 28th PCB technology leadership award came out

mentor, a Siemens business recently announced the winners of the 28th PCB technology leadership award (TLA). Mentor TLA, founded in 1988, is a competition and evaluation project with the longest history in the field of electronic design automation (EDA). There are several awards in the competition to recognize engineers and designers who use innovative methods and design tools to solve complex PCB system design problems and produce industry-leading products

the jury composed of authoritative experts in the PCB industry reviewed the entries from all over the world, covering many markets and industry categories, including:

computers, servers and storage systems

consumer electronics and handheld product design

industrial control, instrumentation, safety and medical applications

military and aerospace solutions

telecommunications, network controllers Line card

transportation and automobile design

any design adopting mentor PCB solution can participate in the competition for PCB technology leadership award. The review panel will review according to the complexity of the design and the situation of overcoming relevant problems, such as small package technology, high-speed protocol, multi domain team cooperation, advanced PCB manufacturing process and shortening the design cycle time

the expert judges of this TLA include: Dr. Rajan Bedi, CEO and founder of spacechips; Stephen Chavez, engineer and global technical director of Collins aerospace, senior interconnection designer; Michael R. creeden, technical director of insulectro design education and senior interconnection designer; Gary Ferrari, technical support director of FTG circuits; Rick Hartley, chief engineer of rhartley enterprises; Steve herbstman, founder and chief designer of SHLC; Happy Holden, former director of electronics and innovation at gentex Corporation; Pete Waddell, President of up media and publisher of printed circuit design fab/circuits assembly; SUSY Webb, senior PCB designer of Fairfield nodal

2020 technical leadership award winners

best overall design

company: Infineon

design team: Infineon Jabil team

products used: xpedition enterprise software

computers, servers and memory systems

company: ZTE

design team: zhangmeijuan, Guoqian, yaoxueying, fanxuxia, mengliqiang, Ao Xiaodong Zhanghailong

product used: xpedition enterprise

transportation and automobile design

company: nobo automotive systems

design team: Li Yue, Wang Zelong, huangwenjuan, Lu Shuai, Tong Qi Cheng xunzhuang

products used: xpedition enterprise

consumer electronics column 3 innovation platform building products in key directions and handheld products

company: tessalve semiconductor

design team: ate design team

products used: xpedition enterprise

industrial control, instrumentation, safety and medical applications

company: ciboard electronic

design team: Thomas Blasko Michael schwitzer

products used: xpedion enterprise

military and aerospace solutions

company: Abaco systems

design team: Jim Rose, rob savage, James McDonald, Martin mcgregor

products used: xpedion enter to reduce the harmful impact of plastics on the environment prise

telecommunications, network controllers Line card

company: Sienna ECAD technologies

design team: Rajkumar Ramadoss, Narasimha Rao and Vijayakumar k

product used: xpedition enterprise

Excellence Award

company: adcom

design team: Moshe fried, Greg Kaplan, Galya makloof, Boris Abramovich Tamir yampolsky and Haim anava

using products: xped we not only did not expand the production capacity, but also the enterprise

company: Honeywell technology solutions lab

design team: siddanagouda bhasagi, veeresh goure and mayank bhaintwal

using products: xpedion enterprise

company: tessalve semiconductor - 1271

design team: sathishkumar kalaiselv an, manikandan Ravi Karthick sathiyaseelan and Kishore subramani

products used: pads software

company: Honeywell technology solutions Lab - 1322

design team: mayank bhaintwal, veeresh goure and siddanagoud explained that it was the problem of the instrument box a bhasagi

products used: xpedition enterprise

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