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Detu introduces wireless temperature and humidity measurement system testo saveris

editor's note: testo company has released a new wireless temperature and humidity measurement system testo saveris, which is suitable for target applications such as quality control, production and internal logistics, property environment management, quality control, production and internal logistics in the pharmaceutical industry, R & D and science and technology education, quality control and engineering services in the food industry

a few days ago, testo Corporation () released a new wireless temperature and humidity measurement system, testosaveris, which can automatically collect measurement data, can combine wireless probes with Ethernet probes, has high flexibility, and is very simple to install, debug and operate. At the same time, the system also adopts the concept of multi-level data storage to ensure a high degree of data security, The measurement data can be continuously stored and archived. It is especially suitable for the target applications of quality control, production and internal logistics in the conventional industrial field, property and environment management, quality control, production and internal logistics in the pharmaceutical industry, R & D and science and technology education, quality control and engineering services in the food industry

the system includes three parts: wireless probe/Ethernet probe, base station and software. The base station adopts the 2.4ghzism band transmission protocol. Detu Shanghai formally applied for the wireless device type certification of testosaveris on February 11, 2009. After eight months of preparation and testing by a third-party service provider, detu is the first and only measurement instrument manufacturer in Shanghai to apply for the certification

features: 1

- provide accurate temperature and humidity measurement

- probe login is simple and convenient

- there is no need to manually start the probe or manually read data

- wireless probe: the connection is simple and fast without wiring

- two way wireless technology and probe with storage ensure data security

- optimize battery power supply and prolong service life

- for different applications, Different versions of probes can be selected


- quick browsing of system components

- massive memory ensures long-term security of data independent of PC

- alarm prompt can be realized without running PC

-led alarm

- relay output alarm

-sms short message alarm

- wireless probe and Ethernet probe can be used in the same system

their global warming potential is equal to or lower than carbon dioxide 3

- The installation and configuration work is simple and fast, and can be completed in a few minutes

- the alarm prompt can be realized by mail or direct display on the screen

- the centralized storage of the measurement data improves the work efficiency

- the PDF format of the rat avoidance report can be automatically generated


- break your complicated work into parts

-testosaveris: temperature and humidity measurement, centralized data storage, When the limit value is exceeded, an alarm will be sent.

testosaveris wireless probe

after measuring the temperature and humidity, testosaveris wireless probe will automatically record and save the measured data, and then transmit the data to the base station at a fixed time and frequency. However, once an abnormal condition occurs and the data exceeds the set value, wireless communication will be established immediately so that the base station can send an immediate alarm

the wireless connection adopts the two-way transmission mode, and the probe and the base station communicate interactively. Transmitting data at a fixed time and frequency can avoid interference with other wireless systems

if the wireless connection is interrupted due to obstacles, the system will alarm automatically. The built-in memory of the probe can ensure that data will not be lost even if the connection is interrupted. Optimized battery design ensures long-term operation of probe memory

in open areas, the distance of wireless transmission is about 300 meters (868mhz) or 100 meters (2.4GHz) with the continuation of innovation in technology, R & D and product processing In buildings, the transmission distance will be greatly affected due to the constraints of various structural conditions (such as walls, freezer doors or metal doors). We can improve the wireless connection through routing, and users can also set wireless paths more flexibly to optimize and adjust the location of test points

the probe has a built-in sensor version and an external sensor version, which can be selected by the user according to different application environments. At the same time, the probe can be divided into display and no display for users to choose. The display shows the current measured value, battery status and wireless connection status

testosaveris Ethernet probe

in addition to the wireless probe, you can also select an Ethernet probe (which can be directly connected to the Ethernet). We can directly use the existing local area network (LAN) architecture to achieve long-distance data transmission

because it is connected to the host, the Ethernet probe can be used continuously and is not constrained by the battery power. Even if the host or Ethernet connection fails, the probe's own memory can ensure the safety of data

probe band display, displaying current measured value and probe status, etc. Users can select different versions of probes (probe part access) for different application environments

through a converter inserted into an Ethernet slot, the utilization range line signal can be converted into an Ethernet signal without expanding its utilization range. Thus, the flexible wireless probe can be combined with the existing Ethernet to realize the long-distance transmission of wireless probe data

testosaveris base station

base station is the core of testosaveris system. Independent of PC, each measurement channel can store 40000 sets of readings, which is equivalent to the data volume of one year under a 15 minute measurement cycle. The base station is equipped with an emergency battery to ensure that an alarm prompt can be sent and that data loss will not occur due to power failure

system data and alarms can be displayed directly from the display interface of the saveris base station. Even if it is not connected to the PC, when the set value is exceeded, the base station can send an alarm prompt through LED, SMS short message or relay output

one base station can connect up to 150 probes or 254 measurement channels. The base station can be connected to the PC via USB or Ethernet, with high flexibility and data security

testosaveris software

measurement data can be imported from the base station to the PC The installation of testosaveris software is quite fast. It can be completed in a few minutes using the installation wizard Using this software, system initialization and probe configuration can be completed quickly

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