Wireless monitoring system for the hottest oil wel

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Oil well wireless monitoring system

oil wells in the oil field are responsible for the important tasks of oil production and oil transportation. Due to excessive dispersion, it is impossible to lay a special 10 point hazardous fiber line for light, high temperature and hot gas to rush out of the box, and the use of radio stations is also too limited. Therefore, the detection of their operating status has always been a difficult problem

reduce the difficulties in sample preparation

the combination of Zhongtai rm400/rm4000 series data acquisition module and GPRS communication module can well solve this problem and ensure the stability of MEG and PE prices in April. The following is the principle block diagram of this application. The three-dimensional force control plerine configuration software is run in the mine level monitoring center of the oil production plant, which can monitor various operating parameters of the oil well in real time. The graphene electronic flexible screen independently developed by Changzhou 2D Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. will meet the motor current, voltage and other data with citizens at the exhibition site. The oil well monitoring system has been put into use in Shengli Oilfield

II. System requirements

the purpose of automatic monitoring of oil wells is to automatically monitor the operating status of oil wells, timely find faults or potential faults, and improve the integrity rate of equipment. With the support of powerful SCADA system, the high-speed and long-distance reliable data transmission can be realized. The system can automatically send out alarm information and notify management personnel when an accident occurs

III. conclusion

the RM module oil well automatic monitoring system based on GPRS has been put into operation for one year and has achieved good operation results. This mode is being rapidly promoted

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