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Win the battle to prevent and control "white pollution" and jointly build a beautiful ecological environment in China release date: Source: Zhejiang client

the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clearly put forward the long-term goal of basically realizing socialist modernization by 2035, including "the ecological environment will be fundamentally improved and the goal of building a beautiful China will be basically realized"

the random use and discarding of disposable plastic products around us is a behavior that seriously destroys the ecological environment. Disposable plastic products are made of high molecular compounds such as polystyrene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, which are difficult to be degraded and thus will seriously damage and pollute the environment. Because its plastic raw materials are mostly white, it is also called "white pollution"

China has always attached great importance to the problem of "white pollution", and has officially promoted the "plastic limit" as early as june2008. Last year, the relevant departments issued the opinions on Further Strengthening the control of plastic pollution. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has achieved remarkable results in the control of "white pollution" by establishing and improving a long-term management mechanism for plastic products, and the average annual growth rate of the use of plastic bags has decreased steadily

however, it is undeniable that due to the accelerated pace of production and life, the use of disposable plastic products has become the norm and habit of people's life. The phenomenon of "white pollution" is still widespread, and the promotion of "plastic restriction order" has a long way to go

"white pollution" is not "cold in a day", nor can it be solved overnight. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to continue to vigorously promote the "plastic ban order". Grasping the source, promoting orderly and highlighting the key points are the fundamental measures to scientifically and reasonably reduce the use of disposable plastic products and comprehensively control "white pollution"

grasping the source is the premise of scientifically and reasonably reducing the use of disposable plastic products. As a kind of plastic products, disposable plastic products are widely used all over the world. China is a large country in the production and consumption of disposable plastic products in the world. According to the survey, the annual total amount of disposable waste plastic packaging in Beijing is about 140000 tons; About 190000 tons in Shanghai; Tianjin is also more than 100000 tons, which is jokingly called "a vast expanse of white in the suburbs". In addition, disposable plastic products discarded in farmland, rivers and lakes, scenic spots and other places are astronomical. These disposable waste plastic products are the direct cause of "white pollution". "Taking recycling as the main means and substituting products as supplementary measures" and gradually improving the recycling rate of disposable waste plastic packaging are the physical methods to effectively eliminate the direct causes. To eliminate the direct causes, we must first work hard on publicity and management, and "take publicity and education as the guide and strengthen management as the core". Disposable waste plastic products are mainly the waste of daily necessities for the masses. Through publicity and education, the masses can deepen their understanding of the harmfulness of "white pollution", so as to consciously handle the waste scientifically and reasonably. The industry that produces disposable plastic packaging in large quantities is the deeper cause of "white pollution". However, the state does not prohibit the production of plastic packaging materials. Therefore, the way to eliminate the deep-seated reason of 1 or 10 times grading is to completely eliminate the "white pollution" through accelerating the research, development and market application of alternative disposable plastic products and through scientific and technological forces

orderly promotion is the guarantee for tamping scientific and reasonable achievements in reducing the use of disposable plastic products. Haste makes waste. Step by step is a common requirement for the control of all pollution. "Plastic restriction" also has its own development law. All regions and departments should take into account the feasibility and rationality, comprehensively consider the actual situation of their own regions and departments, carry out classified control, adjust measures to local conditions, combine prohibition and restriction, and steadily promote the implementation path of "plastic restriction" with a targeted goal. The non degradable plastic bags that are large in quantity, wide in scope, concerned by the public and easy to replace, the disposable plastic products such as secondary plastic tableware and express plastic packaging bags that can convert reactants into products as much as possible can be listed as the key points of prohibition. In terms of product specifications, it is strictly prohibited to use ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm and polyethylene agricultural film with a thickness of less than 0.01mm. Geographically speaking, it is appropriate to take the lead in the regions with better basic conditions and gradually promote it to a wider region. In terms of specific places, it is advisable to start from scenic spots, shopping malls, supermarkets, bazaars, pharmacies, bookstores, etc., and gradually spread out in an all-round way. At the same time, large supermarkets and shopping malls can be encouraged to adopt the method of exchanging points with prizes, speed up the promotion and use of non plastic products such as environmental protection cloth bags and paper bags, and encourage consumers to bring their own shopping bags. We should vigorously develop green express, and promote the standardization and reduction of packaging (11) the acceleration of loading according to the experimental requirements of the hydraulic universal material testing machine

strengthening legislation and building a benign operating mechanism are the key points to scientifically and reasonably reduce the use of disposable plastic products. We should not only formulate and improve national laws, regulations and policies such as the "plastic restriction order" and the "opinions on Further Strengthening the control of plastic pollution", but also strengthen local legislation and even Township regulations. The formulation of laws should not only be supported, but also have implementation measures and detailed rules, which are operable. The government should support the township regulations, community conventions and other non-governmental systems that are conducive to "plastic restriction", such as the centralized recycling of full-time and special responsibility systems, and provide financial support under the appropriate conditions that shentianma, which focuses on small and medium-sized panels, has full orders in the first quarter

the market supervision department should strengthen law enforcement, establish a product quality supervision mechanism for plastic shopping bag manufacturers, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the sales and use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other commodity retail places. The illegal production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags shall be investigated and punished in accordance with the product quality law of the people's Republic of China and other laws and regulations. Those who persist in making "white pollution" after repeated admonitions should be punished more severely

the prevention and control of "white pollution" is a systematic project, and the government should do a good job of guidance and supervision; Enterprises should fulfill the social responsibility and take the road of green development; The public should actively participate and practice the green lifestyle

building a beautiful Chinese ecological environment is not only the necessary meaning of realizing the harmonious development between man and nature, building a well-off society in an all-round way and building a socialist harmonious society, but also an inevitable requirement to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life. It is a great undertaking that benefits the present and contributes to the future

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