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In order to ensure the safe, stable and orderly operation of all production in winter, the winter operation plan of the oil production management department adheres to the concept of "people-oriented" and the working policy of "safety first and prevention first", and takes the implementation of "eight prevention" winter safety production preventive measures, such as fire prevention, explosion prevention, anti slip, anti freezing, traffic accident prevention, blowout prevention, oil and gas leakage prevention and collapse prevention, as the core of safety work, This plan is formulated to strengthen the monitoring of key parts and key links

chapter I organization

establish the winter operation leading group of the integrated oil production management department to be responsible for the overall deployment of the winter operation of Block Hu 218

group leader: Yu Junjie

Deputy Group Leader: wangqingguo

members: shixiaopu, Cheng hang, Zhang Huan, Chen Rong, mazhenhua, Zhang Jun, suhaoxue, Zhang Yunxiang

responsibilities of the leading group:

1. Be responsible for formulating the winter operation plan of the oil production work area and the transfer station

2. Responsible for the safety production work in the oil production area and the transfer station in winter, and review their respective management work since the mid-1990s

3 our machines are manufactured, accepted and confirmed to be in good condition according to the national production standards every year, and can meet the antifreeze requirements in winter

4. Be responsible for implementing the training of winter operation scheme for the operators of each unit to ensure that the employees understand the key points and key points of winter antifreeze of the unit

5. Be responsible for handling the emergencies in the operation of oil production area and transfer station in winter

General requirements in Chapter II

carefully implement the "eight precautions" in winter and the winter operation procedures of equipment, and strengthen the on-site operation training of employees with the focus on the five skills of "operational response skills, safety risk identification skills, accident handling skills, equipment maintenance skills, use of protective equipment and emergency rescue skills"

first, comprehensively carry out the "eight prevention" inspection before winter. The focus is on the safety inspection of all systems of oil and water wells, temporary service stations and transfer stations, as well as the inspection of winter prevention measures against freezing, anti-skid, poisoning, fire, explosion, falling from height, traffic accidents and personal injury. Based on the principle of "who is in charge, who is responsible" and "who is responsible for inspection, who is responsible", the problems found shall be actively rectified

second, improve employees' awareness of safety production in winter. Organize and hold special work meetings on safety production in winter, carry out education on safety production in winter, organize employees to learn "anti violation prohibition", HSE management principles, post operation procedures, fire and explosion prevention, anti-static and other safety knowledge, improve employees' safety operation skills and enhance their awareness of safety production in winter

third, strengthen winter patrol inspection. Determine the key points of safety production protection in winter, improve the "four all" patrol inspection system for all operators, the whole process, all-round and all-weather, and incorporate the anti freezing and anti condensation inspection into the shift handover work

Chapter III production and operation plan of National Aeronautics and Astronautics Laboratory (NAL)

the implementation time is from October 1, 2014 to April 1, 2015

I. preparation before winter

(I) equipment insulation

1. Insulation scope: all exposed valves and pipelines of oil and water wells, oil and gas gathering and transportation, crude oil treatment, water injection, water supply and drainage, and heating systems

2. Strengthen the maintenance of equipment and pipeline insulation. If the insulation is damaged or peeled off, it shall be repaired in time; After equipment maintenance, the insulation layer shall be restored in time; It is forbidden to trample or damage the insulation layer at will; The thermal insulation protective layer shall not fall off, be impervious to water, and be smooth and flat. The system insulation shall be completed before October 1st, 2014

(II) special inspection

before October 15, a comprehensive and detailed inspection shall be conducted on the process pipelines, valves, equipment and facilities of the oil, water, electrical equipment, water heating and other systems to effectively eliminate the hidden dangers affecting the safety production in winter

1. Electrostatic grounding and jumper wire inspection: it is easy to generate static electricity in dry weather in winter. Check whether the grounding terminal is firm, rusted and broken to ensure good grounding and prevent static electricity

2. Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the measuring instruments of water, heating and other systems to ensure the accuracy of measurement in winter

3. Check the safety valve and electric ball actuator in the transfer station

4. Check the grounding resistance of indoor cabinet (grounding strip terminal) and explosion-proof switch (internal grounding and external grounding) and make detailed records

5. Check the wiring and insulation of distribution cabinet, distribution box and electric socket

6. Check whether the boiler and auxiliary equipment operate normally

7. Carefully check whether there is pipe exposure, collapse and completeness of three piles in the pipeline

8. Carefully check whether each valve in the valve chamber leaks and whether the valve chamber is well grounded

9. Check whether there are potential safety hazards outside the station area, pipeline lines and the surrounding environment of the valve chamber

10. The doors and windows in the station shall be inspected once, and the defective ones shall be rectified and replaced in time

11. Carry out a general survey of pumping units, and thoroughly rectify the problems found to ensure that there are no hidden dangers during winter operation

12. Conduct a general survey of the wellhead, electric heating, switches, etc. of the water well, and comprehensively and thoroughly rectify the problems found, so as to ensure that there are no hidden dangers during winter operation

13. For pipes, tank heaters, etc., the problems found shall be comprehensively and thoroughly rectified to ensure that there are no hidden dangers during winter operation

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