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Let the store and customers win! Zhongce Rubber interprets the most beautiful service with "the most beautiful display"

win win for stores and customers! Zhongce Rubber interprets the most beautiful service with "the most beautiful display"

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from April 1 to April 30, 2019, Zhongce Rubber launched a month long online activity of the second season of the most beautiful exhibitor. The four major competition areas in East China, Northwest China, North China and South China are all-round hot battles, and the national 400+1 With a simple interface, many stores participated in the fierce competition, and the total number of visits to the event was nearly 1million times

fancy competition fully shows the strength of the store

in addition to the traditional competition area awards, Zhongce Rubber's most beautiful presenter competition in the second quarter also set up dealer awards and new awards. The new awards include the national best creative display award, the national most aggressive store display, the national most beautiful display maintenance, the national regional style store display, and the national largest progress display, providing a platform for stores to show their strength in an all-round way

the most beautiful display aims at a win-win situation between stores and customers.

display will not directly determine revenue, but will affect customer experience. Display is the beauty of the store and the "first sight effect" of the store. Now everything is exquisite. The standard for customers to choose stores is also advancing with the times. Starting from the details, it will eventually play a role in the revenue

the original intention of Zhongce Rubber to hold the activity of "the most beautiful exhibitor" is to stimulate the attention of all brand stores nationwide to display through competitions, standardize store operations, help stores further publicize and display their stores, and also help store sales, so as to achieve a win-win situation between stores and customers over time

although the second quarter of the most beautiful exhibitor has ended, the response of Zhongce's stores continues

Jinan Shijin, Xiangcheng, Henan Province, imports high-end universal machine Chaoyang tires: through the activity, it can not only significantly improve the processing and utilization environment of plastics, but also show stores to their own consumer customers and publicize their own stores. In the ranking list, you can also compare with brother stores to find the insufficient display place of low-carbon steel hot-rolled disk strips gb/t 701 (9) 7, so as to better develop your own stores

Chongqing Jiangjin Guangxu tire business department: the most beautiful collectors are very necessary for store promotion, and they have also helped our store sales achieve the promotion effect. The canvassing of the most beautiful family show is also a good publicity among the local drivers. For the stores, it also enhances the local communication of the stores

Zhongce has always paid great attention to its operating stores, helping store publicity, helping store sales, and supporting store operations. The most beautiful presenters are a good example! Looking forward to the next season

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