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The power plants in North China will go all out to ensure the safety and stability of the Paralympic Games

the first line of defense is the plant enclosure, gate and supporting monitoring equipment. The factory can re analyze the data curve when the funds are tight; In some cases, the fence should be heightened and reinforced, and the iron wire should be installed. The electronic access control system should be installed at the gate of the new and old factories. The employees of the whole factory need to swipe their cards to enter and leave the factory. The implementation of the guard system should be strictly enforced, and the monitoring equipment should be monitored 24 hours a day

the second line of defense is to set up 12 fixed outposts for key parts of the plant, and 5 fixed secret outposts for key parts outside the plant. The specific location is at the intersection with a wide view, and it will be held for 24 hours to ensure that all key parts inside and outside the plant are monitored most directly

the third line of defense is the security in the production plant. Each production discipline is responsible for the safety of personnel and equipment on the production site

the fourth line of defense is to ensure the stability of the workforce The Tianjin first heat Party committee adheres to the "Olympic stability maintenance report system", "weekly meeting system of branch secretaries" and "monthly stability maintenance meeting system". Regularly check unstable factors, classify early warning levels according to emerging phenomena, and implement departments. It has standardized the working process of dealing with unstable factors, implemented the "unstable factors treatment sheet", and established a clear working mechanism of dealing with and investigating within a time limit

during the Olympic Games, the employees of the factory fully carried forward the Olympic security implementation spirit of "guarding day and night without complaint, being strict and unconditional, and everything has been impolite". The Party committee asked party members and cadres to further improve their understanding of the Olympic Games, take the lead in participating in the Olympic security duty, and the Youth League Committee carried out the activity of "Olympic security volunteers", forming a multi-level joint defense of organizational system, ideology and so on

the factory has repeatedly passed the open and secret visits of the Olympic security steering group of the superior department. The staff of Tianjin first heat said that they would continue to carry forward the achievements made during the Paralympic Games, unify their thinking, raise awareness, raise vigilance, strictly prevent them, and make every effort to ensure safety and stability during the Paralympic Games. (PU Ping)

in order to continue to do a good job in safety production and security during the Paralympic Games, Hebei Hengfeng company clearly proposed to achieve the "three musts" after carefully studying the notice on continuing to do a good job in power safety production during the Beijing Paralympic Games forwarded by the group company

"three musts", that is, we must make every effort to ensure that the Paralympic Games are equally wonderful and safe with the same understanding of the Beijing Olympic Games; We must take the same strong measures as the Beijing Olympic Games to achieve the same wonderful and safe tasks as the Paralympic Games; We must make the same efforts as the Beijing Olympic Games to promote the security system of the Paralympic Games, which is as wonderful and friendly as the Paralympic Games. It is required that all grass-roots units, on the basis of conscientiously summarizing the successful experience of electricity protection in the Olympic Games, adhere to the unchanged objectives, standards and strength of electricity protection, strictly implement various safeguard measures and security measures, continue to do a good job in summer peak, implement emergency plans for emergencies, and ensure the safe and stable operation of units during the Paralympic Games. (Liu Yingchun)

Luanhe Power Plant has established a "seven in one" protection system

as a secondary key security unit for Olympic security, Guodian Luanhe Power Plant has entered the implementation stage of Olympic security since early July. With eight space stretching months, each country that produces less precipitates and gel was set up one place. On the 24th, the victory of the 29th Olympic Games came to an end. The Olympic security work of the plant was also successfully handed over, and the Olympic security work was safely transferred to the Paralympic security stage. On September 5, the factory held a meeting of middle-level managers of the whole factory to summarize the successful experience of Olympic security work, redeploy and mobilize the security work of the Paralympic Games, and proposed to ensure the safety of the Paralympic Games by ensuring the Olympic standards, strengthen the awareness of security personnel, and strengthen the seven in one protection system, so as to ensure the safety of the Paralympic Games

5885; The second is the militia guard team, which is composed of 14 off-duty capable militia from the grass-roots level. They are uniformly dressed and managed, and are responsible for guarding the seven duty sentries of the production plant and main parts in the plant area, becoming a solid barrier to guard the safety of key parts of the plant area; The third is the elderly volunteer escort team, which is a patrol escort team composed of retirees. It gives full play to the advantages of high enthusiasm and great influence of the elderly, assists the guards at the main and side doors of the living area to maintain the access control system, and turns away all unsafe factors; The fourth way is to employ the surrounding villagers' guard team to take advantage of the villagers' advantages in the surrounding environment to protect the peripheral safety of the enterprise. The personnel of the village and the enterprise work together to create a safety barrier; The fifth is the safety coordinator team, which is composed of personnel from the production department. It continuously inspects the production equipment, and can find and deal with equipment defects and hidden dangers at any time, so as to escort the safe and stable operation of the unit; The sixth is the on duty team of each grass-roots branch in turn. This on duty team composed of 8 grass-roots branch personnel is seamlessly connected for 24 hours to firmly guard the key parts of the plant, such as the hydrogen production station, oil depot, new and old plant entrance and exit doors; The seventh is the access control team composed of 35 middle-level managers, who are on duty at the main gate and East Gate of the plant 24 hours a day to assist the guards in the inspection and management of personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the plant

"the leaders of the plant require that the security work of the Paralympic Games is no less serious and important than the Olympic Games. The cadres and employees of the whole plant should ensure the safety of the Paralympic Games with the standards of the Olympic security work, even higher than the standards of the Olympic security work. The whole factory will work together to give another excellent answer to the security work of the Paralympic Games with practical actions. (BU Jianfang)

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