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On November 6, the 25th World pure electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle and fuel cell vehicle conference and Exhibition (evs25) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this conference and exhibition is sustainable power revolution

On November 7, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Minister of science and technology, delivered a speech during his visit to evs25, pointing out that electric vehicles represented by hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cells are generally considered to be an important direction for the transformation and development of automotive power and energy systems in the future. Hybrid electric vehicles will become the main way to upgrade the energy-saving and emission reduction technology of traditional vehicles; Pure electric vehicles, including plug-in deep-seated electric vehicles, will become the mainstream of future vehicle development strategies; Fuel cell vehicles will become the commanding heights of the future automotive industry. He also pointed out that the key to the development of electric vehicles is the component system, and power batteries, motors, electronic control and related auxiliary systems are the basis and key to realize product and technology transformation

In his speech, Wan Gang comprehensively introduced the research and development achievements of new energy vehicles in the world, and summarized China's achievements in the field of new energy vehicle development. He also put forward three tasks that China should do in the development of new energy vehicles in the future: first, further integrate scientific and technological resources, optimize the basic conditions and macro environment for the development of electric vehicles, and effectively integrate cross industry and cross field scientific and technological innovation resources under the guidance of the national key basic research plan, the national high-tech plan, and the plan of science and technology supporting development; Second, actively explore new business models and speed up the demonstration and promotion of electric vehicles; Third, we should further deepen international exchanges and cooperation and promote the international development of electric vehicles

this exhibition was initiated by the world electric vehicle Association and co hosted by the Asia Pacific Electric Vehicle Association, the electric drive Transport Association (formerly the American Electric Vehicle Association) and the European Electric Vehicle Association. The exhibition covers an area of 45000 square meters, with more than 350 enterprises participating, creating the largest scale of previous electric vehicle conferences and exhibitions. The world electric vehicle conference was held in Chinese Mainland for the first time, attracting representatives from all walks of life in the field of new energy vehicles at home and abroad, including officials, manufacturers, academics and researchers, with nearly 2000 registrants. The United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other key countries in the development of electric vehicles all formed national teams to attend; The United States Department of energy, the European Union, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and other representatives attended the conference. By November 5, the organizing committee had received nearly 1000 papers from more than 50 countries and regions. After expert review, 557 papers from 38 countries and regions were included

Fu Yuwu, executive vice president of the China Society of automotive engineering, spoke highly of the success of the conference. He believed that more than 200 cars and more than 300 enterprises participated in the conference, which reflected the highest level in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing in China; International companies have also come up with their best products, reflecting the best technology in the world. In terms of the level of exhibition, this exhibition reflects the achievements and scientific and technological level of China's scientific and technological innovation in the field of new energy vehicles. Fu Yuwu was slightly affected by the fixed tensile stress (generally neglected). From the scale of the exhibition and exhibits, it can be seen that the international automotive engineering community has never been so unified about the development of electric vehicles as it is today; The impulse to develop electric vehicles and carry out technological innovation has never been as strong as today; The industrialization of electric vehicles has never been faster than today

Fu Yuwu highly affirmed the positive role of this conference in promoting the industrialization and commercialization of electric vehicles in China: China is in a critical historical period from research and development to industrialization. There is no doubt that this conference has played an important role in promoting the development of new energy vehicles in China, which can be said to be a milestone exhibition in the history of electric vehicles. The first reason is that large foreign automobile manufacturers and the top 12 enterprises of China's complete vehicles are all involved; Second, the exhibition shows the development of the whole industrial chain. The whole vehicle on display includes large and medium-sized ribbed steel and other bars for tensile tests; Universal tensile testing machine, round sample jaw 26 (4) 0mm1 pair, suitable for tensile tests of round steel, ribbed steel and other bars with a diameter of 26 (4) 0mm; The whole series of cars, such as small and light sedans, also includes the R & D and design of core components and electric vehicles, as well as the exploration of business models

Fu Yuwu believes that a very important factor why electric vehicles have been widely concerned by the automotive engineering industry in recent years is the breakthrough in battery technology in recent decades, which makes us see the future development prospects of electric vehicles. If the era of future cars belongs to electric vehicles, the core of electric vehicles is batteries; The development of battery technology must rely on the full cooperation of industry, University and research under the guidance of the government, and it also requires cross industry and interdisciplinary cooperation

it is reported that this conference was closed on November 9, and some new energy vehicles were also organized to carry out parade, test drive and exhibition activities in Hong Kong

remarks: electric vehicles must not become new great leap forward

evs25, which has just ended, has reached the world's largest in terms of scale and level, and also shows the development strength of China's electric vehicle field. But through this exhibition, some long-standing problems have become more prominent: for example, does the development of electric vehicles require the whole people? Does it need a great leap forward to build electric vehicles? I think that enterprises should not rush into electric vehicles

it is true that new energy vehicles are the needs of China's energy structure adjustment and China's energy conservation and emission reduction. To this end, the state provides real gold and silver to subsidize enterprises in order to achieve large-scale production as soon as possible, so as to reduce the cost of key parts (especially batteries). According to the current subsidy amount, it costs less to build electric cars even if they don't earn money than to develop traditional cars. Therefore, heroes from all over the country flock to it, and there is a great momentum to make a great leap forward in electric cars. It is worth pondering that the great leap forward of that year, because it did not pay attention to science, rushed to the mass smelting of steel, which consumed the country's huge human, material and financial resources, and the steel produced was like waste residue and could not be used

what is the current situation of electric vehicle development today? From the products shown in evs25, some enterprises without automobile production qualification also want to go on the car, because we have battery technology, and we have technology. These enterprises either use their own beaten car bodies to install batteries, or buy the shells of other people's traditional cars with batteries, and they all claim to become electric vehicles. Is this an electric car? What are the consequences of such a great leap forward

the core of the electric vehicle is the car. The car is about to go on the road, which has the most basic problem: balance. Because the engine is canceled, or the engine is reduced and the battery pack is installed in other parts, the curb weight of the whole vehicle has changed, the proportion of front and rear axle loads has changed, and the center of gravity has changed. The problems caused by these changes are that the load-bearing capacity of the whole vehicle is reduced, the high-speed stability and steering stability are changed, the braking characteristics are changed, and the collapse tolerance during collision... Placing the specimen in the middle of the two clamps of the experimental machine is also changed. Therefore, the development of an electric car is entirely to create a new car with a body structure completely different from the traditional car. From the perspective of some new cars unveiled, at least the body designer has not considered the problem of wind resistance, and the design of electric vehicle body should especially consider the wind resistance coefficient. If the minimum common sense is not taken into account, what about safety design? If there is no safety, such a car on the road is no different from a road killer

another phenomenon of concern is that some low-speed vehicle (agricultural vehicle) manufacturers have launched low-speed electric vehicles on evs25, with the lowest price of more than 20000 yuan and the highest price of less than 50000 yuan. At present, when the state subsidizes new energy vehicles, many automobile manufacturers also say that their electric vehicles are expensive and difficult to open the market. Why can low-speed electric vehicles be listed at such a low price? The reasons are very simple. First, lead-acid batteries that may have an irreversible impact on the environment are used; Second, the car body that cannot meet the basic safety requirements of the car is adopted

lead acid battery Zhang Anmin, Secretary of Yucheng municipal Party committee, introduced that the energy density is low, so driving vehicles need to use more and heavier battery packs. Compared with electric vehicles with the same kerb weight, low-speed electric vehicles have much lower carrying capacity and short battery life. However, due to the cheap raw materials for manufacturing this battery, the manufacturing cost is low. In terms of the environment, this kind of battery causes harm to the workers' bodies during production, and the waste in the production process pollutes the local environment. The waste liquid after the battery is scrapped contains a large amount of acid and lead, which is irreversible to the environment. Such a great leap forward in the production of electric vehicles will not only harm today, but also harm future generations. Electric vehicles are going to society under the banner of environmental protection. If low-speed electric vehicles with serious pollution hats also have to squeeze into the environmental protection market, isn't it a great irony to the electric vehicle industry

it can be seen from the door handle of a brand of low-speed electric vehicle that its design idea is still at the level of agricultural vehicles, and it is completely unable to meet the requirements of Collision Regulations. Everyone with common sense of transportation knows that low-speed cars are very dangerous on fast roads and are very easy to be rear ended. Therefore, China's "traffic law" stipulates that low-speed cars are prohibited from driving on highways above class II. Low speed cars that illegally drive on expressways cause a large number of malignant traffic accidents every year, which has become an unavoidable problem. If low-speed electric vehicles are on the road again, traffic accidents caused by low-speed vehicles will inevitably increase. What's more terrifying is that low-speed electric vehicles use lead-acid batteries. When the car overturns, the battery liquid containing strong acid will cause serious injury to passengers and a serious threat to rescuers

when the upsurge of new energy vehicles swept across China, relevant practitioners must participate in the research and development of electric vehicles with a scientific attitude and the spirit of being responsible to future generations. Without a scientific attitude, people will inevitably pay a heavy price. We must not turn the popularity of electric vehicles into a new great leap forward

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