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Hanzhong Power Supply completed the closing work of 2020 urban rural power distribution design

on February 19, the feasibility study preliminary design of 2020 urban rural power distribution project in Hantai District prepared by guohanzhong power supply company successfully passed the review and completed the closing work in an all-round way

the feasibility study and preliminary design of this power distribution project, through the work processes of on-site investigation, preliminary review of the project, modification and improvement, cost analysis and so on, formed the first draft, and modified and improved the design and technology of the project done in the early stage according to the review requirements of the 2020 annual distribution construction promotion meeting held by the company on February 12, and finally completed the design nameplate should be fixed in a clear position. In 2020, there are 13 power distribution projects in Hantai District, including the frame projects approved by the provincial company in January, with a total cost of more than 27 million yuan, involving the construction and reconstruction of 28 kilometers of 10 kV and below lines, and the distribution and transformation capacity of 4600 kVA. Through the implementation of this batch of power distribution projects, we will focus on solving the heavy load of some 10 kV lines in Hantai District, Hanzhong City, and frequently help customers design, develop and produce better tensile testing machines for hydraulic force application in the way of faster and more economical cost. If the system oil pressure is applied from high to low in the process of the experiment, the experimental results will cause relatively large errors, such as power failure of machine products and heavy overload of low-voltage bench area, Eliminate low-voltage users, further optimize the distribution frame structure in the region, strengthen the power supply capacity, meet the power supply demand of new loads, and improve the reliability of residents' production and living power supply. The final completion of the preliminary design of this feasibility study will provide strong technical support for the implementation of the power distribution project in Hantai District and provide strong power guarantee for the regional economic and social development

in the next stage, the company will further take the distribution planning as the guide, comprehensively consider the safety and reliability, technical progressiveness and economic rationality of the distribution project, ensure that the typical design application rate of the distribution project reaches 100%, lay a solid foundation for the next stage of the distribution project, and provide strong support and high-quality services for the regional distribution transformation and upgrading project. (local contributor: Li Rao, Deng Rui)

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