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The power quality governance market will grow by more than 10 billion yuan per year in the next five years.

recently, the China forward looking Industry Research Institute released the 2018-2023 China power quality governance industry market forward looking and investment strategic planning analysis report (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report pointed out that this year, the scale of China's power quality governance market is expected to reach 118.7 billion yuan, and will maintain a stable growth trend of 10 billion yuan per year thereafter

there is a strong demand for power management equipment products

with the rapid development of renewable energy power generation such as wind power and photovoltaic in China, the acceleration of the construction of electrified railways and urban rail transit, the large-scale use of new energy vehicle charging piles and the emergence of various new electronic equipment, a series of new power quality problems have been generated, and some long-standing power quality problems in the past have also been aggravated

at the same time, the rapid development of China's economy, the significant improvement of residents' living standards, the extensive use of various "sophisticated" equipment and the greater emphasis on product quality in the production field have further improved the requirements of power users for power quality. A structural reform on the supply side of electric energy is imperative, and the service requirements of electric power have quietly shifted from "ensuring electricity quantity" to "ensuring electricity quality"

in this context, China's power quality governance market shows a steady growth trend. The report points out that in recent years, China's power quality market has grown rapidly driven by all parties. According to the estimation of the prospective industry research institute, the sales volume of China's power quality control industry in 2017 reached 109.39 billion yuan. The main power quality control market is reactive power compensation and harmonic control devices, filtering equipment and reactive power compensation equipment. 1. The compound annual growth rate of the ability of metal materials to resist the collapse surface of hard objects is more than 15%

relevant experts from the prospective industry research institute said that since China is still in the primary stage of power quality products, and many large enterprises that built factories earlier have not completed the automation transformation, the demand for power quality management equipment is the highest among all products, close to 80% of the whole. Monitoring equipment, software and services account for about 20% of the overall market, and the proportion of monitoring equipment is slightly higher. In the future, with the improvement of industrial automation level and the enhancement of power quality awareness, the proportion of software and monitoring equipment will be increased

indeed, it is understood that at present, the main focus of power quality enterprises is still the research and development and sales of power quality management equipment, power quality monitoring equipment products are relatively few, and power quality software and services are a blue ocean of markets to be developed

the market will show three development trends of process transformation of energy-saving technology of plastic granulators in China.

for the future development trend of power quality management, relevant experts of the prospective industry research institute believe that it will be mainly manifested in the following three points

first, the industrial scale will maintain rapid and stable growth. Experts from the prospective industry research institute said that the current economic situation is very conducive to the development of power quality enterprises. In terms of policy, the introduction of policies and standards such as energy saving and emission reduction, which constitute a virtuous cycle, and smart electricity, has provided a very favorable policy environment for the development of power quality. From the perspective of market demand, the domestic power quality market space is very broad, and with the continuous improvement of users' awareness of power quality, the market space will be larger and larger. In addition, the development of renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic in China, as well as the laying of ultra-high voltage and high voltage transmission and distribution, and the upgrading and transformation of the original electricity, have provided a broad market for the power quality management industry

for power quality management enterprises, "the cake of the industry is getting bigger and bigger" does not mean that each enterprise will finally get more cakes. The degree of competition and technical barriers will become the main factors affecting the profit margin of enterprises

experts from the forward looking Industry Research Institute said that at present, there are few domestic manufacturers capable of producing active filter devices and dynamic reactive power compensation devices. However, in the future, with the rapid development of the power quality management industry and the continuous improvement of the degree of attention, the number of enterprises is expected to continue to grow, and the overall profit level of the industry may decline to a certain extent, However, enterprises with core technologies and high popularity in the industry are expected to continue to maintain a relatively stable profit level

experts from the prospective industry research institute said that the average profit level of the power electronic equipment industry will be significantly higher than that of the power complete equipment industry. This is because there are many enterprises in the power complete equipment industry, and the competition is fierce, and the gross profit is generally maintained at 30%. However, the power electronic equipment industry has high technical barriers, with a limited number of enterprises, and the gross profit can reach about 50%. In the future, the market demand for power electronic equipment, especially power quality improvement power electronic equipment, will further expand

second, the demand for professionals will further increase. At present, there is still a big gap between the efficiency of power use in China and foreign countries, and the power quality management technology also needs to be improved. Therefore, with the increasing attention of the government, enterprises and users to power quality, high-level power quality management professionals will become the "hot spot" of the industry

third, industrial development will pay more and more attention to improving the added value of products. According to the analysis of the report, the development of IOT, artificial intelligence and smart electricity can "empower" the power quality management industry. In the future, users will not only need power quality management enterprises to provide corresponding hardware products, but also need enterprises to provide a complete set of solutions including diagnosis, monitoring, data analysis and so on, so as to effectively improve the follow-up service ability of products

short comment: new symptoms of power quality require new prescriptions (Deng Huiping)

at present, China's power quality problems are increasingly complex, and the demand for power quality management is more urgent than ever. In the face of new symptoms such as diverse power quality problems and complex sources, the aluminum alloy team led by Professor xiongbaiqing, the State Key Laboratory of nonferrous metal materials manufacturing and processing under the new drug Youyan science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (the former Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute) must be developed for power quality control. In this regard, Cao Junwei, chief scientist of Beijing Zhizhong energy interconnection Research Institute, said that the development direction of power quality control equipment in the future will be generalization and integration

at present, China's power quality management is mainly dedicated and unitary management for a specific problem

this is reflected in the treatment equipment, which is mainly designed for a specific power quality problem, such as voltage control, harmonic filtering, etc. this kind of treatment equipment has a single function and is more practical for a user with prominent power quality problems, such as active filter APF, dynamic voltage restorer DVR, etc. However, when dealing with power quality problems with complex factors, the effect is often poor and the applicability is limited

as China's power quality problems are complex and diverse, intertwined, and exist at the same time, in the future, power quality management equipment must be universal, a synthesis of many single management equipment

this kind of treatment equipment is characterized by relatively complete functions and outstanding comprehensive treatment effect. It can simultaneously have many functions, such as voltage control, dynamic filtering, flicker mitigation, low loss control of reactive power, and supply of active power, such as unified power quality regulator UPQC, energy router with power quality management function, etc

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