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Power system regulation capacity "high-profile" participation in the process of power reform

power system regulation capacity represented by thermal power flexibility transformation and pumped storage power station construction will no longer be "voluntary labor" or "money losing business" in the future, but will enter the stage of the power market as a scarce commodity. This is a strong signal transmitted by the recently issued "guiding opinions on improving the regulation ability of power system zwj-0350 cantilever impact tester, digital impact tester, plastic impact tester: cantilever impact tester plastic testing instrument | mainly used for the determination of impact toughness of hard plastics, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, electrical insulation materials and other non-metallic materials"

in recent years, the problem of "three discards" has aroused social concern. At a time when the trend of green and clean energy replacing traditional fossil energy is a foregone conclusion, clean energy consumption is still the most prominent contradiction facing energy development

as the first industrial policy document on the regulation capacity of China's power system, the guiding opinions on improving the regulation capacity of power system (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions), jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration, directly points to the stubborn problem of clean energy consumption. Its significance lies in that it gives the regulation ability the commodity attribute in the power market for the first time, and emphasizes the use of market means to solve the practical problems such as the lack of flexibility in the development of China's power system regulation, which drives the auto parts industry, and the relatively rigid operation mode of power dispatching. By improving the regulation capacity and operation efficiency of the power system, ensuring the safe supply of electricity and the demand for heat for people's livelihood, China will achieve the goals of 15% and 20% of non fossil energy consumption in 2020 and 2030 respectively

change of thinking:

the regulation ability involves multiple subjects, and emerging business forms will emerge in endlessly

"the introduction of guidance plays an important guiding role in the future high-quality development of new energy." Dai Jianfeng, deputy director of the planning and Research Department of the general electric power planning and Design Institute, proposed

on the one hand, the guidance extends the participation of regulation capacity to the whole power system rather than a single side. From "accelerating the improvement of the regulation capacity of the source side when the power rises and falls normally" to "scientifically optimizing the power construction", from "improving the flexibility of the power user side" to "strengthening the flexibility of power dispatching", the guiding opinions cover the load side, power side and power side, and take multiple measures to enhance the flexibility and adaptability of the system

Dai Jianfeng said, "the regulation ability itself is comprehensive, but the traditional approach is to adjust the system more on the piezoelectric side and part of the power supply side." However, the construction of pumped storage power stations lacks a recycling mechanism, and the power suppliers involved in deep peak shaving are also facing the dilemma that the rising costs are difficult to be channeled through electricity prices, and the regulation capacity is like "voluntary labor". The guidance clarifies the commodity value of regulation capacity and its role and significance in the consumption of new energy, which will undoubtedly play a great role in promoting the overall construction of regulation capacity and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties

on the other hand, using market means to improve the regulation capacity of power system is a strong signal released by the guidance. The guiding opinions specify that it is necessary to establish and improve the support system, and promote it from the aspects of power auxiliary service compensation (market) mechanism, encouraging social capital to participate in the power system regulation capacity improvement project, accelerating the construction of power market, and establishing the standard system for the regulation capacity improvement of power system

"in the future, the construction of power market will pay more and more attention to the improvement of regulation ability", Dai Jianfeng believes that stimulating regulation ability will become a new angle to be concerned about in the reform of power marketization. The transition from ancillary services to the spot electricity market is undoubtedly an important support for improving the regulation capacity of the power system - the value of flexible regulation of electricity through spot trading, which is also a common way in developed countries. In addition, in the pilot area of power reform, new business forms inspired by the regulation capacity have emerged. For example, Guangdong uses the energy storage battery for system peak shaving, and the peak shaving income is obtained by charging the battery during peak hours, and the electricity sales income is realized by releasing electricity in other periods. In the future, new business forms and new technologies will emerge in endlessly

industry insiders believe that this is not a simple zero sum game. Greater social welfare can be created through the improvement of regulation capacity - when the regulation capacity is released and improved to the greatest extent, the power system can realize the consumption of new energy on a larger scale

action breakthrough:

flexibility transformation and electricity mutual assistance are the recent priorities, and energy storage development is highly expected.

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, strive to complete the flexibility transformation of 220 million KW thermal power units (including fuel flexibility transformation), start the construction of 60million kW pumped storage power station and the leading reservoir power station in the middle reaches of Jinsha River, add 5million kW peak shaving gas power scale, and strive to achieve 5million kW solar thermal power installation; 19 new trans provincial and trans regional channels, 130million kilowatts of new transmission capacity, and about 70million kilowatts of new and renewable energy; Comprehensively promote the substitution of electric energy. By 2020, the substituted electricity will reach 450 billion kwh, and the proportion of electric energy in the final energy consumption will rise to 27%. The guiding opinions not only play a guiding role in energy development, but also set specific goals

through combing and comparison, it is found that these data are mostly consistent with the "13th five year plan" of power supply and electricity construction, and the formulation is relatively new in promoting the development and application of new energy storage technologies and comprehensively promoting the substitution of electric energy. Note 3. Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% it is noted that the guidance takes "promoting the development and application of new energy storage technology" as one of the three ways to promote the improvement of power side regulation capacity, and is in parallel with "implementing the thermal power flexibility improvement project" and "promoting the parallel construction of various flexible regulation power sources", giving high attention to the breakthrough and application of energy storage technology, And its development path is described in detail: the research and development of new energy storage technology focuses on high-capacity liquid flow, lithium ion, sodium sulfur, lead carbon battery and other electrochemical energy storage batteries, compressed air energy storage and other aspects, so as to improve the conversion efficiency and service life of the new energy storage system; In areas with large demand for peak load and frequency regulation and prominent wind and light abandonment, combined with the construction progress of the auxiliary service market of the power system, a batch of centralized new energy storage power stations with an installed capacity of more than 10000 kW will be built, and five demonstration projects of 100 megawatt electrochemical energy storage power stations will be deployed in the "Three North" region; Carry out the pilot work of supporting the construction of energy storage facilities in wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects; Encourage distributed energy storage applications; By 2020, a number of pilot demonstration projects of different technology types and different application scenarios will be completed

according to the researchers of the general electric power planning and Design Institute who participated in the drafting of the guidance, the specific goals involved in the document are determined after comprehensive consideration. The goal is to reduce the national wind rejection rate to 5% - 10% and the light rejection rate to less than 5% by 2020. "Judging from the current progress, there is a certain pressure to achieve this goal, but this is not an optional question, but a must question, which requires the full cooperation of the power system in terms of regulation capacity."

in these works, thermal power flexibility transformation is the key measure that can be implemented in the near future, and it is also the most direct and effective method at present. Researchers from the general electric power planning and Design Institute believe that from the perspective of the pilot project, the possibility of thermal power flexibility transformation has been basically verified. Whether thermal power units or pure condensing units, the flexibility has reached an international leading level. Moreover, from the current pilot situation of auxiliary services, the transformation cost and operation cost of flexible transformation can be basically channeled out. Secondly, the mutual economic regulation between electricity is also an aspect that can be broken through in the near future. In a region, the potential regulation capacity of the power system can be fully released through power regulation to fill the gap, which will not increase any cost in essence. It is a long-term work for demand side response, power structure optimization and adjustment, which needs to overcome institutional and institutional obstacles, achieve technological breakthroughs, and continue to move forward

"the construction of power system regulation capacity will be a long-term process, and the key is the overall optimization of power structure." Dai Jianfeng said that although the biggest focus of improving the regulation capacity of the system is on the flexibility transformation of thermal power and the construction of pumped storage, the development of demand side management, electric vehicles and energy storage technology needs to be accelerated. A strong enough power system regulation capacity can support China's medium and long-term energy transformation goals

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