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Sleepless night of power system: first-class emergency repair electricity

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at 14:28 on May 12, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, and the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Electricity Regulatory Commission) in Xidan, Beijing felt obvious. After the low temperature, rain and snow and freezing disaster at the beginning of the year, the power industry was tested again

then, the whole power system began to race against time, and the Electricity Regulatory Commission and the State Grid Corporation of China also entered the first sleepless night after the earthquake

about 7 minutes later, Wang Xudong, the new party secretary and chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, held a meeting and sent the first emergency letter to all units of the power system. He had two tasks: to find out the situation of the power disaster; Ensure the power supply at the disaster relief site

just after the State Council held an emergency meeting, it was nearly 9:30 p.m., and Wang Xudong convened the relevant leaders of the State Grid again to study the disaster response measures

at 12 a.m., the Electricity Regulatory Commission sent an emergency notice from Beijing by telex and announced that the whole power system had entered a level-1 emergency state

strengthen dam monitoring

the disaster is urgent. It is understood that Shi Yubo, vice chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, flew to the disaster areas in Sichuan on the evening of the 12th, just before the issuance of the emergency notice of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, to guide the power disaster relief

that night, the disaster was successively sent back to the headquarters of the China Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. Zhang Yu, director of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, told: "at present, we have mastered the power damage in some disaster areas. The specific statistics are still in the process of breaking through many major technical difficulties in the field of modified high molecular materials manufacturing. Due to the large number of local small hydropower stations in Sichuan, the attribution is relatively complex, and many of them belong to local governments, so the statistics will take some time."

Zhang Yu pointed out: "the Electricity Regulatory Commission requires relevant power units to go all out to restore the normal power supply in the disaster area as soon as possible, and make preparations for power rescue materials and rescue teams to ensure the power supply guarantee for earthquake relief."

after the emergency notice of the Electricity Regulatory Commission was issued on the evening of the 12th, all power units immediately entered the first-class emergency state, launched the corresponding plan, and carried out the power rescue and disaster relief recovery work in the earthquake stricken areas and affected areas in a timely manner according to a recent study

the emergency notice requires that relevant units should quickly find out the casualties, damage to power facilities and power supply of power enterprises caused by earthquake disasters, and report them in time in accordance with relevant regulations. If safety hazards are found, effective measures should be taken to eliminate them in time

at the same time, practical measures should be taken to prevent power safety accidents caused by aftershocks and secondary disasters, attach great importance to the safety protection of rescue personnel, and pay attention to scientific rescue

in addition, it is necessary to strengthen the safety monitoring, patrol inspection, hidden danger investigation and danger elimination of hydropower station dams in earthquake areas and earthquake affected areas. Solar cars should run fast and strengthen, and do a good job in flood control and emergency management of dams to ensure dam safety

Zhang Yu pointed out: "Sichuan is rich in hydropower resources. There are as many as 17 hydropower dams registered in the dam center of the Electricity Regulatory Commission alone. If hydropower dams fail, the consequences will be very serious."

another special situation that worries the Electricity Regulatory Commission is that most small hydropower stations in Sichuan are locally owned, so the Electricity Regulatory Commission requires all power companies to strengthen contact and coordination with local governments and flood control headquarters to ensure that no accidents occur

the relevant person in charge of China Power Investment told that China power investment had launched the emergency plan and sent a working group to the scene on the 13th. It is understood that China power investment has no local power assets in Sichuan, but more than 10 staff members entrusted to manage a hydropower station in Wenchuan and were still unable to contact them by 18:00 on the 13th

Sichuan electric power was seriously damaged

according to the news from state grid, after the earthquake, in addition to Sichuan electric power was seriously damaged, substations and generators in neighboring Shaanxi Province were shut down. According to preliminary statistics on the afternoon of the 12th, within the scope of Sichuan electric power, one 500 kV station and five 220 kV substations were shut down. The power plants in West Sichuan, such as Jiangyou, Jintang, Baozhusi, Maoxian Hydropower Group and Dazhou Dongyue, are disconnected from the system. After the earthquake, the power load in Sichuan Province decreased by 4million kW

at the same time, two 220kV Main substations and three generator sets were shut down in Shaanxi Province, which is adjacent to Sichuan. The power load will be reduced by about 1.5 million KW

according to the relevant person in charge of State Grid, "the two working groups led by State Grid have been dispatched to the two disaster stricken areas of Sichuan and Shaanxi at the first time." Other State Grid staff are also being sent to the disaster areas to assist in disaster relief

"we have to get to Chengdu today anyway." At 10:54 a.m. on the 13th, Zhang Haiyang, director of the State Electricity Department at Beijing Capital Airport, told this newspaper that Zhang Haiyang and his party were anxiously waiting for the plane to take off because Chengdu was still implementing air control

after the disaster, the State Grid Corporation of China immediately started the emergency mechanism at 14:40, and successively issued three emergency notices: the emergency notice on strengthening the emergency work of earthquake relief, the emergency notice on transmitting the emergency notice of SASAC on strengthening the monitoring and response of earthquake disasters, and the emergency notice on doing a good job of earthquake relief and power supply for important users and high-risk users

it is understood that the scope of power failure and damage to power facilities in the disaster area have not yet been fully identified. "The State Grid Corporation of China requires all units to quickly organize teams to find out the relevant situation. For the earthquake hit areas such as ABA in Sichuan and Longnan in Gansu, due to the interruption of communication and traffic, they will organize personnel to walk to the scene to understand the situation and report information in time." The above person in charge told this newspaper

at the same time, power repair teams, power generation vehicles and power supplies have successively gathered in the disaster areas. Like the low-temperature rain and snow freeze disaster at the beginning of the year, while accelerating the emergency repair and recovery of electricity, the state power will give priority to ensuring the power supply for important users and residents such as electric railways, communications, hospitals, etc

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