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The "power shortage" is coming, and power-saving equipment has become a "burden cutting edge"

the 12th Five year plan emphasizes the need to strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, which has also become one of the standards to measure the development of an enterprise. Under this theme, enterprises show their magic powers and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction

however, at the beginning of April this year, there was still a power emergency in some parts of China, and the power gap is gradually expanding. In some provinces, the sealing element can be used repeatedly to limit the power consumption of high energy consuming enterprises. The national development and Reform Commission also timely adjusted the electricity price to limit the power consumption of high energy consuming enterprises. The electricity shortage has come, and the electricity price has increased, but the problem of electricity shortage still exists. Energy conservation and emission reduction are also particularly important in this period

switching off and limiting power will solve the symptoms but not the root cause.

in China, most energy consuming enterprises use generator set equipment in production, which has varying degrees of waste. Taking the fan as an example, the traditional speed regulation method is to adjust the air and water supply by adjusting the opening of the baffle and valve at the inlet or outlet. Its input power is large, so a lot of energy is consumed in the closure process of the baffle and valve

this also makes many high energy consuming enterprises a headache on this issue. A person in charge of a high energy consuming enterprise said that he knew that his power generation equipment consumed high energy and there was waste, but he did not know how to adjust it. We have tried to reduce energy consumption by reducing the power, but the result is a serious decline in the productivity of production equipment. I have also tried to shut down several equipment to reduce energy consumption, but in return, the order cannot be fulfilled, and the workers can only work overtime. There is no way, so we have to stay the same. We can use energy as we need it. No matter how wasted it is, the survival of the enterprise is the key

yes, many high energy consuming enterprises generally have the problems mentioned by the person in charge. However, the energy-saving measure of switching off and limiting electricity can not fundamentally solve the problem of large power consumption, which is a solution to the symptoms rather than the root cause

energy saving is based on the source. Energy saving equipment shows its magic power

trace back to the source. Energy saving and emission reduction should start from the source, and energy-saving measures should be taken from the power equipment used by high energy consuming enterprises. Economizer is a kind of energy-saving equipment widely used in high energy consuming enterprises. Among them, the LP intelligent power-saving equipment independently developed by Beijing Lepu sifangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has the best effect

it is learned from more than 100 enterprises cooperating with Lepu Sifang that after using the high-voltage intelligent power-saving equipment produced by Lepu Sifang, the power saving rate of these enterprises has reached more than 40%. I don't believe it. On the issue of power saving rate of more than 40%, I interviewed the heads of several energy using enterprises cooperating with Lepu Sifang company. These principals said that before cooperating with Lepu Sifang, they didn't believe that the power saving rate was so high, and thought it would be good to have a power saving rate of 20%. However, after the equipment is installed, the power saving rate in the first month is much higher than expected, and the minimum power saving rate can be controlled at 40% every month thereafter

one person in charge of energy using enterprises even said: at the beginning of the national mandatory enterprise energy conservation and emission reduction, he was actually in a mood of resistance, and felt that several problems that followed him a year were: how to reduce the excess plastic produced by the failed printing of 3D printers? Fortunately, the output value of billion yuan has paid a lot of taxes to the country. Compared with these, what is the electricity cost saved by energy conservation and emission reduction? However, after cooperating with Lepu Sifang, he gradually realized that the researchers he has saved now have also developed a chemical synthesis process. Every kilowatt hour of electricity can benefit several generations in the future. What he is doing now is not just to meet the country's hard targets. It is also making its own contribution to the sustainable development of future generations

yes, the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction is lifelong. Only by strengthening our faith and being down-to-earth, can we better complete the important task of energy conservation and emission reduction. We also hope that more enterprises, like Beijing Lepu Sifang company, can bring high-quality energy-saving equipment to more high-energy consuming enterprises to help them fight the battle of energy conservation and emission reduction

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