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Wei Qiang shares with you the happiness of "mobile"

in Taipei, Wei Qiang industrial computer, a leading manufacturer of industrial computers, solemnly announced its new mobile product site, which was officially launched. The station not only introduces the product features and characteristics of Weiqiang mobile products in detail, but also shares the latest application environment and technology with users, so as to bring users better application choices

at the same time of the release of the new ieimobile website, Weiqiang also announced the latest three products under its mobile product line: karpc-w08a, modat-200 order input PDA and icelock-08a entertainment information terminal. As a new online station, many pages are still being updated and optimized. Wei qiangxi 7 After the test of electronic tensile testing machine, it can be automatically archived and manually archived. We hope to constantly improve the content and simplify the operation interface to meet the needs of users

about Weiqiang:

Weiqiang industrial computer (IEI Technology Corp.) occupies a leading position in Taiwan's industrial computer industry and is also one of the world's major industrial computer manufacturers. Weiqiang industrial computer is a subsidiary of ICP group. In Q1 2008, Weiqiang Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd.) was established in Shanghai to professionally serve local customers in China

since its establishment, Weiqiang has always adhered to the concept of customer-oriented development, and has gained a high reputation in technology development, product design, customized products, business marketing and customer service. Weiqiang has successfully launched more than 400 products, including industrial tablet computers, industrial personal computers, embedded computers, industrial motherboards, single board computers, industrial Ethernet switches, network storage devices, network multimedia devices, network security devices, servers, integrated workstations, LCD computers, flash disk drives, pc/104 products, power supplies, backplanes and other products. Weiqiang's products can be applied in many computer related fields, such as industrial control, automation, medical equipment, POS (point of sale) system, network application, security system, national defense technology, GPS global positioning system, automatic toll collection device, police equipment, transportation equipment, unmanned computer room, base station and CTI (network communication integration) system, etc. In addition, in addition to selling brand products, Weiqiang also provides oem/odm customized services to meet the needs of all customers. Looking forward to the future, Weiqiang will continue to focus on the improvement of R & D and manufacturing technology, with the long-term goal of being the best partner of relevant partners. For details, please visit:

about Weida Electric Group:

the experimental machine adopts microcomputer control for the whole experimental process.

ICP group is a listed company in Taiwan, which has a number of brand subsidiaries, all over the application industry. In 2005, Weida Group officially announced the division between OEM and brand management, and set up the Chinese Mainland OEM headquarters core Weida Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. from a different perspective. It is a unique electronic manufacturing service (UEMS) provider, which has successfully assisted customers and partners in different industries in China and around the world to develop products, including manufacturing, communications, transportation, banking, entertainment, etc. In 2000, Xingwei Computer (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded, mainly producing all kinds of sheet metal chassis shells, industrial control special equipment, instrument parts and components and other related products. Its brand companies include IEI, oring, QNAP, blockbuster, etc., which provide customers with a series of products from industrial computers, industrial Ethernet switches, network memory, medical displays and so on. For details, please visit:

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