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Rubber and plastic leading technology "lights up" low-carbon environmental protection life

"Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" leads the new direction of the development of the electronic information and electrical industry

green environmental protection has become an inevitable trend in the development of the electronic information and electrical industry

at present, China has developed into a major producer and consumer of electronic information and electrical products. With the increasing market demand, people also put forward higher requirements for the energy-saving characteristics and material saving technology of products. It is expected that China Baowu has low warpage, micro deformation, high dimensional stability, high fluidity, high thermal stability, low gas content, high insulation, alloying and so on: China Baowu, as the leader of global steel technology, has the characteristics of insulating plastics for the electronic and electrical industry, which will be a major development trend in the future

in recent years, global warming has seriously threatened human survival and development. Therefore, low-carbon economy has attracted the attention of more and more countries. Conforming to this low-carbon trend, green environmental protection will also become an inevitable trend in the development of electronic information and electrical appliances. Starting from January 1, 2011, the regulations on the administration of recycling and treatment of waste electronic and electrical products will be enforced in China, where Sony's involvement in the future may also enhance the research and development of electrode materials and surrounding parts. It is expected that green refrigerators, environmental friendly color TVs, green computers and other products will continue to emerge, and through the application of a large number of recyclable and renewable green and clean plastics, not only will higher economic value be created, It also reduces the pressure on resources and the environment. It is believed that energy-saving and environment-friendly plastics will continue to be favored by electronic and electrical appliance manufacturers

famous exhibitors gather environmental protection exhibits to appear

plastic rubber is the upstream industry of electronic information and electrical product manufacturing industry, and occupies a favorable position in the industrial cycle. Its development not only plays a supporting and leading role in the national pillar industry and modern high-tech industry, but also promotes the transformation of traditional industries and the adjustment of product structure. In recent ten years, with the rapid development of China's electronic information and electrical equipment manufacturing industry, the application of plastic rubber is becoming more and more extensive, and the consumption is increasing. The application prospect of plastic rubber in electronic information and electrical products is very broad. The "international rubber and plastic Exhibition", which is recognized by the industry as "the first international rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia and one of the three largest international rubber and plastic exhibitions in the world", has taken advantage of the trend to provide such a convenient and professional procurement platform for the electronic information and electrical industry

the 25th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition") will be grandly held in Pazhou Pavilion of China Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair from May 17 to 20, 2011. At that time, 2200 top suppliers from 35 countries and regions, including Bochuang, aoshengde, zhuzhong, PolyOne, Mitsubishi, Jinfa, Zhenxiong and quanlifa, will gather together to comprehensively demonstrate the pioneering progress of rubber and plastic new technology in this field for the electronic information and electrical industry. In view of the "green and low-carbon" consumption boom in the market and the consumer demand of various electronics and home appliances, the rigid electricity enterprises' requirements for product and technological innovation, "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" will display exhibits with low-power design and environmental friendly design, so that buyers can build a "green industrial chain" in raw material procurement, product R & D and production, terminal sales, recycling and reuse

Vectra LCP liquid crystal polymer exhibited by tycona has flame retardancy, without additional halogenated flame retardants or other additives, and has obvious environmental protection characteristics, which can meet the European Union RoHS and WEEE directives. In addition, celanex PBT XFR thermoplastic polyester has many advantages, no particle migration during processing, no corrosion to contacts or connections, no toxic gas emission during combustion, and has excellent colorability and color stability. These materials are used in electronic and electrical products

the be50 all electric horizontal injection molding machine exhibited by Bochuang at the "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" is a small all electric injection molding machine specially developed for small-scale precision injection molding. It adopts full motor drive and servo control technology. Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, it has more precise control, more efficient production and more energy saving. It is a typical green environmental protection product. The injection molding system adopts a special screw plunger hybrid structure, which effectively ensures the plasticization quality and stability. It is especially suitable for small-scale precision injection molding, and can be widely used in communications, electronic appliances, instruments and meters

the above is rubber and plastic technology suitable for electronic information and electrical industry exhibited by some exhibitors of "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition". Combined with the development trend of "low-carbon economy" in the industry, the exhibition will also focus on the latest applications of rubber and plastics in energy conservation, lightness and high stability. It is believed that there will be more surprising exhibits at the upcoming "Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition"

excellent exhibition quality, strong support from visitors

"Chinaplas 2010 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" attracted 81435 professional visitors to visit and purchase, including the support of a number of electronic information and electrical appliance enterprises. They gave high affirmation and evaluation to the exhibition after the meeting. Panasonic Microwave Oven Engineer Zhang commented, "thank Yashi for providing us with such a good opportunity to understand the latest development trends of the plastic industry in such a professional exhibition, and we have gained a lot." The senior engineer of Midea Group said, "we hold almost every international rubber and plastic exhibition." Both attended. At the exhibition, we mainly saw a large number of raw materials, such as PP, ABS, POM, which solved the difficulties of high energy consumption in the production of poly amino acids, etc; Plastic processing machinery; These materials and machinery are of direct help to Midea's large home appliance manufacturers, such as reducing material costs and improving product grades. In terms of processing, we mainly focus on advanced machinery manufacturing technology, which can make product processing faster, more convenient and more efficient. At Chinaplas 2010 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, we have reached an agreement with Dow on the purchase of PC. Usually, we will pay attention to large chemical companies with bargaining power, such as LG, BASF, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, etc. at the same time, we will also pay attention to a series of new products of Sinopec. Midea Group will also strongly support the upcoming Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. "

new theme zones will be set up, and the audience service will continue to be upgraded.

in order to facilitate buyers to quickly find suppliers, "Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" will set up 12 theme zones. In addition to the original nine theme zones, the organizer will add three theme zones - rubber machinery and equipment zone, supporting service zone and bioplastics and degradable plastics zone to meet the needs of the industry audience

the new page of "Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" has been officially launched. The new features include the design of a searcher for page content or exhibitor information, which makes it easy to browse the information of various exhibitions. In addition, version Chinaplas station () has also been newly launched. Visitors can browse the latest exhibition information, transportation and accommodation information, seminar details, etc. anytime and anywhere with only one computer

visitors are now pre registered on, you can exempt the admission fee of 20 yuan, and receive the admission nameplate and the latest discount before the exhibition. Please browse the exhibition page or call the organizer to inquire about the latest exhibition details

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