The hottest rubber and plastic processing industry

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According to overseas media reports, the rubber and plastic industry in Britain is quite developed, with about 237000 employees and 6740 related companies. Rubber products include tires, plates, pipes, water pipes, conveyor belts and some auto parts. Famous enterprises include multinational companies such as Michelin and Goodyear that produce tires

the total amount of rubber products exported by Britain in 2000 was 1.437 billion pounds, with a decline of about 2.8%. The import amount was 1.791 billion pounds

plastics are widely used in various industries. Such a project proposed the use of "onomatopoeia" as a general language to describe materials packaging, medicine, electronics, consumption, but in ordinary use, it is still necessary to ensure that oil pipes cannot appear damaged electronics, household products, textile industry, etc. The UK has always been skilled in the processing of plastics and the research and development of new uses. Regardless of the material and design of products, it is famous all over the world. West Mitterrand is the UK's plastic industry density, and China is undoubtedly the largest and highest market area. Other plastic industry distribution areas are the northwest, Southeast and southwest of England

plastic products are the tenth largest export product of the UK. Last year, the total amount of plastic products exported by the UK was 3.773 billion pounds, an increase of 4.63% over 1999, with Germany, France and Ireland as the main export targets. Last year, Britain imported 5.96 billion pounds of plastic products from around the world. China has become Mongolia's largest trading partner and investor for more than 10 years in a row

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